EXPIRED Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead: 2cd: Digipack £3.99 At HMV.com

EXPIRED Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead: 2cd: Digipack £3.99 At HMV.com

Found 25th Feb 2008
Been looking for the 2 CD version of this album below £10 for a while but couldn't believe this find. The cheapest I could find the 1 CD version is £6.99 and I couldn't find the 2 CD version for less than £14.32 at DVDi.

If you're a fan of System Of A Down you can't really turn this one down, at this price it's almost worth it for the extra tracks even if you already have the normal version of the album.

Don't forget the 9% Quidco!


Bargain. Cheers dude. Heat and Rep +++++++++++

god deal, ta!

great album, great deal. cheers

Is it this price in store too? I've got loads of money on gift cards to use up

Had the misfortune of sitting through their set when they supported the Foo Fighters last year. But it's ok they got off stage eventually and the Foo's made it all better!

Cracking price for a special edition if you're a fan tho. ;-):whistling:

Great deal cheers

Good find, heat added!

Everybody's going to the party have a real good time!:thumbsup:

great find wanted this for ages and it being the 2 disc is a bonus cheers

I didn't even know he had a solo album out, so I've just grabbed the 2 disc edition of it - pretty much more of the same, very little different to soad, but thats no bad thing.

lol at foo fighters, I like sarcasm.

Thanks, wil let my eldest daughter know about this as shes a fan :thumbsup:

voted hot

Heat added. Not an amazing album, but there're a few 'growers' on it.

This is a great price got this for almost £20 when it first came out. £3.99 is worth it just for the the book it comes in which is full of poems.

i want you to beeeeeeeeeee left behind those empty walls!

good stuff if u like SOAD....... but not in the same league (quality wise) still worth a listen to!

Erm when i added it to my basket its saying 23.99 for some reason?!?!


CD £23.99 now

Must've been a mis-price.

Theyr stuck now as mines is dispatched anyway :-D
And i got it for £3.59 (Student) and whatever i get if Quidco tracks.
Happy days :thumbsup:

Oh and the albums great, its the first album i have actually paid for , in god knows how long, its that good lol.
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