*EXPIRED* Sony XDRDS12IP iPod Dock with Clock Radio £44.97 @ Tesco (instore) *reduced from £79.97**
*EXPIRED* Sony XDRDS12IP iPod Dock with Clock Radio £44.97 @ Tesco (instore) *reduced from £79.97**

*EXPIRED* Sony XDRDS12IP iPod Dock with Clock Radio £44.97 @ Tesco (instore) *reduced from £79.97**

Buy forBuy forBuy for£44.97
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Sony XDRDS12IP iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock with Clock Radio Function (comes with remote)

Iv been looking out for a speaker/docking system and saw this instore at tesco, thought it was a very good deal and cant seem to find this model anywhere cheaper... Its dearer on Tesco online as well... thats why I took the picture.

Amazon = 78.04
PC world = 79.99

The Sony XDRDS12IP iPhone docking DAB clock radio allows you to enjoy your favourite music from your iPod or iPhone 3GS whilst it is docked and charging on the XDRDS12IP clock radio. You can enjoy your favourite digital radio stations with the built-in DAB tuner. The speaker dock has a mega bass system to provide high quality stereo sound. The dual alarm setting allows you to wake up to your favourite iPod tunes or radio. A remote control enables you to control the music functions on your iPod or iPhone from the comfort of your bed.


lol love to know who gave this a cold rating for it to be -5, this is a gr8 price for this, bought the cheaper one without the DAB option from M&S a few days ago for £48 as an xmas gift, so heat from me

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Yeah I noticed the cold and thought id been missing something... the funny thing is that I had no money to buy it when i was in... so i have to go back asap lol

If this is the one I think it is this is a smoking hot deal.

I have tried it out on currys with my iphone 3gs and its got a nice dock and really tasty full sound.

(I think argos had it on special offer for £71 last week, (usually £80-£100 in most stores)

If I see one I will get one at this price....

Is it nationwide ?

Heat added

Now £60 at Argos, yep it appears it is this one.
Very good reviews,


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Just a close up of what was advertised so you can see model no. etc... just incase you want to go instore and get one and have trouble.

Sorry Smecky, which store did you see this in ?

I am going to try some of the big ones here in London,

Really good deal though, I nearly purchased one for £90 in Currys 2 weeks ago was very impressed


ACTUALLY,.... looks like its a bit of a mistake going by that picture. POSSIBLY ????

Looks like the Fancy DAB one has been reduced from £99 to 79.97 (Hence "Save £20")
And underneath is a simple "Sony Clock & Dock" reduced from £69- something-£44,97.... I think Tescos have got there advertising sheets overlapping mate / babes.

Right off to Argos for me I guess

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Well I live in Northern Ireland, and this was the store in Dungannon... but im guessing if we have it, every store should? Im not sure though, im going back in early in the morning to pick one up, so I can find out then


Damn you could be right, I wish I hadnt been in such a rush so I could have checked properly, I took the pic so I could check out the model when I got home. I suppose ill find out for definite when I go back...
Edited by: "smecky01" 16th Dec 2010

Just been to my local 24hour extra... The DAB version is on sale at £79.... This post is definitely for the non-DAB version as both were in a dump box in the main aisle.

Unlucky Smecky, still thanks, made me check the Argos price and found it fell to £60 so am getting one in the morning (reserved, etc).

It really is a nice bit of kit, only came out in the summer.

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Ok thanks for letting me know, I expired this thread anyways, might go to argos myself now

Just purchased cheaper non DAB version for £29.99. It was on offer at Amazon last Friday and gone back up in price. They are both excellent units been using mine a couple of days now. I would of purchased this over cheaper version just for DAB for this price, but i just wanted a system to charge iphone 4 in bedroom with speakers etc. Great quality especially for price.
Major plus for me is it charges my iphone 4 while still in bumper protect cover. Alot of other systems you have to remove phone. Only negative is LED is quite bright on a night in my bedroom.

thanks for posting

Can you show me a larger picture please.

Osterley Extra Price at £79.97
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