EXPIRED Sunspel extended January sale @ 20% off all online items
EXPIRED Sunspel extended January sale @ 20% off all online items

EXPIRED Sunspel extended January sale @ 20% off all online items

Currently a nice 20% off all their online items.

This is the company who made all the boxer shorts, polo shirts and t-shirts that appeared on James Bond in Casino Royal.

You might not know Sunspel. Jeremy Paxman definitely doesn't! They are one of the best makers of underwear and t-shirts. In fact, they were the first people to introduce boxer shorts to England in 1947.

Anyway, this isn't your run of the mill M&S underwear (not that there's anything wrong with M&S). This is the finest Egyptian cotton and great classic timeless designs.

Normally their classic boxers are £15 each, but right now you can get them at 20% off.

Their T-shirts and pyjamas are also excellent. Normally they are too expensive for me, not surprising as they can be seen on the likes of the Rolling Stones and James Bond. But, this sale makes them almost affordable, although still an extravagance.

Anyway, their clothes seem to get better each wash, they get softer and wear nicely. They also last ages. So in the long run, they are an investment in classic old school design and materials, with supreme comfort....and no...I don't work for them, just thought others on HotUKDeals might like to know about them.


They are indeed one of the best. Last time when I bought these were from Simpson of Picadilly, which closed down. They are the "Rolls Royce" of underwear. They were over a decade ago £15 each for a vest (or was it 15 years), I just checked the packaging as I have two left in my wardrobe, so the prices have not gone up since then! So they are incredible deal at 20% off. They are made in Derbyshire.
Just bought a few items. They cost a lot initially but they feel luxurious (Egyptian cotton , fine gauge) and wash well therefore the cost of ownership is probably about the same as Marks and Spencer's which I have to agree with Jeremy Paxman is that the best at Marks is no where near as good as they used to be.
The marketing hype about 007 and Rolling Stones are merely throw away remarks. Sunspel has always been appreciated discretely by ordinary people who like their nightwear and underwear to feel excellent BUT without advertising hype like those other cheap but heavily advertised brands : Calvin Klein.

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Definitely agree with you about the 007 and Rolling Stones connections being marketing hype.
Having said that, Sunspel's polo shirts are as excellent as their underwear.

My order arrived in the post, they feel really great as I have not bought any since Simpson of Picadilly closed. Well worth the money (spent >£100 on a few items). OK, one can get >4 times that quantity from Marks and Spencer, but the quality, durability and feel make the difference.
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