Expired -Twinnings tea Bags 100 for 75p at Iceland

Expired -Twinnings tea Bags 100 for 75p at Iceland

Found 20th May 2009Made hot 20th May 2009
Saw it yesterday in my local iceland


So much for there being a worldwide tea shortage and prices going up!!

The English breakfast is AMAZING!!!!!

The 100 packs of Twinings Teabags that I saw in Iceland were the 1 cup variety. These looked more like catering supplies and shouldn't be confused with the Twinings Speciality Tea range.


anyone actually tried these?


anyone actually tried these?

.Tried these yesterday and not too bad for 75p but these are on strings so only really intended for 1 Cup.

Yep, they are aimed at making a bag in a mug cuppa. That said, you can just remove the string/paper tab and pop them in the pot. We are big fans of Twinings Speciality teabags, and to be fair these cheapies are somewhat weaker so are better suited to using in a mug - makes it less likely to end up too strong. For the price - and last week they were £1 - they are worth a punt.

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yea tried them...they are just for a cup
but really good for just 75p


ive never tried twinings is it any different to pg tips?


anyone actually tried these?

My Dad bought some and said the bags were quite small.
Probably only suitable for 1 cup.
Apparently in an orange box.

Good price, but will say that had quite a few bags split, cos the string is wrapped around the tea bags too tight.
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