EXPIRED - Vax Multifunction Floor Cleaner 6151SX- £79.99 @ Robert Dyas, save £120, +10% Discount code + 7% Quidco

EXPIRED - Vax Multifunction Floor Cleaner 6151SX- £79.99 @ Robert Dyas, save £120, +10% Discount code + 7% Quidco

Found 10th Feb 2008
Vax Multifunction 6 in 1 Floor Cleaner 1500w 6151 was £199.99, now £79.99 at Robert Dyas.

There is £4.95 delivery charge on top, however if you use the promotional code (TBF122) this will give you 10% off (£8.00) the vax, bringing the total down to £76.94.

You can also get 7% Quidco, a further £5.38 back giveing a net cost of £71.56, A BARGAIN ME THINKS!!!

Further Info:
Product code 143886 , RRP £199.99

* Washes carpets, upholstery and hard floors
* Pumped water delivery
* Variable power
* Wet capacity: 4 litres clean plus 8 litres dirty
* Dry capacity: 8 litres
* Includes upholstery wash tool
* Full-size turbobrush for vacuuming carpets
* Combination floor head vacuums carpets & hard floors
* Carpet & hard floor wash head
* Washes & 100% dries hard floors
* Includes extra stair hose, which stretches up to 4.5m
* On-board dusting brush, upholstery & crevice tools
* Telescopic stainless steel extension tubes
* Includes 750ml Vax AAA Carpet Cleaner
* Colour: Black
* Weight: 8kg
* Dimensions (d x h x w) 32cm x 56cm x 32cm
* Standard delivery charge of £4.95 for mainland UK only (higher charge applies for Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish Isles, Isles of Scilly, Northern Ireland)
* Usually delivered within 5 working days of receipt of order
* Model number: 6151
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Great find. Cheers
Cheers - couldny find this model for less than £100
nice find
Took delivery of mine this afternoon. Also came with a free love songs cd!
Quidco hasn't tracked yet though.

Took delivery of mine this afternoon. Also came with a free love songs … Took delivery of mine this afternoon. Also came with a free love songs cd!Quidco hasn't tracked yet though.

My box came damaged. However my quidco tracked which is good
Does this clean carpets any good??? Been after something like this for awhile.
It will clean OK but not as deep as a professional cleaning company would achieve.
However, having a machine of your own will mean you can clean more often, which is good and can takle spillages as they occur, meaning they are less likely to stain.
Can I ask what sort of quality the machine/tools are? Are there any bits that could be easy to break? Would it stand up to a reasonable amount of abuse?
I just moved to a flat with carpet covered. There is no Vacuum yet. Can I buy this for both daily dry vacuum and occasionally wet wash? Sorry to be thick but know little about it.
Dont need one but great price.
I've been looking for a decent wet / dry cleaner for a while. Thanks for that!
Just ordered one

Do i need any special liquid for cleaning hard floors ?
My wife still uses the pre production test model I was given by Vax 6130S 7 years ago and it cleans fantastic, sold loads of these in my shops.

This is fantastic value luckily I only sell the pets version so got going to honour any prices matches on it.
Great find. Just ordered. Thanks. Voted hot.
i have one of these and it has and still is giving good service after some 6yrs of use, i have two kids and two cats , i washed my carpets every 6 months and they are left practically dry after. Use the vax aaa wash liquid or similar 1001 a bottle last forever really . Great if you have a washing machine leak (i have lol)as it can suck up big spillages.
Tools on mine still going strong , have just replaced the on off switch from a dealer on ebay for £2.45 which is first repair in its lifetime, so i would say its a fab hoover and worth the money ..if mine was broken i would buy another today.
been looking for a wet/dry vac! Vax are apparently good quality. nice find.
This is my first post so pleased to see it become a hot deal.

To be honest I haven't used it, plan on using it next week. Have unpacked the box and the attachments (of which there seem to be loads) appear to be of good quality. I've bought it for occassional use (having 2 kids makes clean carpets a thing of the past) and the quality certainly looks good enough to last several years.

Will post again after I've used it to let you know how I get on.

Still haven't had my quidco track.
Expect evry cheap Vax's everywhere soon - new models have/are launching with a 6 year guarantee so loads of places will be clearing their old stocks.
I've had one for 5yrs (this model) the on/off switch went very early on - so clearly this is a component problem - but you can replace it v simply yourself, as a new one just clips in.

In terms of everything else it's very good quality and spares are available. I think i paid £120 and would happily pay that amount again. Vax CS is actually quite good too. My only gripe is no cord wind storage. The new ones seem to be a cosmetic re-design, from the look of them on the Argos website (recessed wheels and generally squatter) They DON'T seem to have a 6yr guarantee mentioned in this thread - this is for the upright carpet washers.

Some fairly good reviews on … Some fairly good reviews on Amazon:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vax-6151SX-Multifunctional-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B0000W5EFE

Gone for it to clean upholstery on my car, amongst other things :thumbsup:
I have one, and it is perfect! Hot added!
Just what I need, great find.
too late, out of stock! :x
we got ours today ..wat a bargain its very powerfull suction better than the old orange ones,we did a quick price check before buying and this was the cheapest going,they are even going for upto £130 on ebay ! comes with loads of tools ,great for the house and car,cheers for the heads up ......very happy :-D
Anyone know where I can get one of these? I tried the link and it said instock, until I clicked to buy and it said 'no way'. So near yet so far. Anyone know if the 6131 is any good as I've found this at a similar price.
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