EXPIRED - Xbox One Kinect Console with Gears of War 4 £199.99 @ Game (possibly sold out)

EXPIRED - Xbox One Kinect Console with Gears of War 4 £199.99 @ Game (possibly sold out)

£199.99GAME Deals
Found 18th Dec 2016
I have hunted and cant find a cheaper price that's in stock right now.

Deal says unavailable but allows you to add to basket and check out.

Says this is what's in the box:
Xbox One console
Kinect Sensor
Xbox One Wireless Controller
500GB Hard Drive
Xbox One Chat Headset

And before anyone mentions why didn't I get the "S" version, I did lol. I have bought 1 of each version but decided my younger Son (who doesn't care how small something is) is getting the old model so I can get Kinect and a free adapter at exact same price I spent on his brother. Older brother can get the new version
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Goodish deal but OOS already, heat added for you getting it.
It says unavailable but allows you to check out. I got confirmation email. Assume it will be delivered tomorrow. Hoping so anyway lol.
That's it OOS now. Can someone tell me how to expire this thread? I pressed the expire button but it doesn't appear to have worked.
hmm why did you have to buy two consoles within the same household.
lol because 3 boys and 1 Xbox makes for a lot of arguing. Much easier when there is 1 Xbox per boys room. Plus us adults like a shot of it now and again so kids can amuse themselves on the other one
Woohoo just got my confirmation that the order went through and its on its way to us So if anyone else bought it I assume you will be the same
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