[Expired] Xbox360 Pro, Extra Controller, 3 Games

[Expired] Xbox360 Pro, Extra Controller, 3 Games

Found 21st Dec 2007
At work today, seems as though some of the boxing day offers have started early. Noticed this, Xbox 360 Pro with a second controller, Forza, Viva Piniata and either Gears Of war or Fifa 08. (Games could change in your area, this is in south scotland) Either Way, Good Deal.

Thought id sign up to post this.

Turns out it was a till error. The offer is now Xbox, 2 games and controller. Still good though.


The deal is actually for a Xbox Premier/Pro
Forza Entertainment Pack 2 with Forza, Viva Pinata and Orginal Colour Xbox Wireless Controller
That is £229.99 which is a stonking deal.
If you want the above and either Gears Of Wars OR Fifa 08 as well then it goes up to £279.99 which is not as good a deal.

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Its actually as i said it, its supposed to be a boxing day deal, but its been started by accident early. We have the POS upstairs in the stockroom

Good deal, thanks for sharing it :thumbsup:

Thanks for the heads-up on this. I'll check it out and hopefully bag a bargain!
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