(EXPIRED)Free full size tube of Aveeno Daily Moisturising Cream (only 5000 to give away)

(EXPIRED)Free full size tube of Aveeno Daily Moisturising Cream (only 5000 to give away)

Found 26th Mar 2007Made hot 26th Mar 2007
Anyone who suffers from dry skin - and a 2001 study revealed the problem affects half the women in the UK* - will know about the discomfort, irritation, and even misery it can cause.

If you have dry skin, Aveeno® and Good housekeeping.co.uk are offering you the chance to try Aveeno for FREE.

We have 5000 full sized tubes of new Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion with colloidal oatmeal and shea butter to give away.

Be quick there are only 5000 available


Thanks for this. I've applied


Me too, thanks

Thank you!
Typically at the weekend I bought some moisturiser (in fact 2 different brands) for my dry skin!!

thanx ordered some

just entered from here, fingers crossed... there's a joke in their about flaking but I can't bring myself to type it!!


Thanks kat, I hope I get this.


Thanks for this. I've applied

hoping to apply some when it arrives :-D

Thanks for the info . . .

thanks nice one:thumbsup:

"Your entry has been registered. Best of luck"
Have I got one or haven't I? I hope so.
Thanks for the heads up.

thanx - nice find

Ive done it too!

Thanks mate good find.



ad a free little sample b4 not bad stuff

My daughter suffers from dry skin, so maybe this could benefit her


I have has a sample of this before and meant to get some, couldnt remember what it was called though :oops: just entered my details so hopefully I will get a tube

Thanks for this. Will come in very handy for kids. Voted.


Good spot - thanks.


Have applied for one, good find, thanks!!

Nice spot have applied for one too!

cheers mate, have filled in the form

Will be chuffed if I receive this! Heat + rep coming your way

Is it the first 5000 or just drawing names from a hat?

cheer's for that one

Thanx for that - fingers crossed I am one of the lucky ones, could certainly use it!

Added rep & hot!

Thanks so much I have really bad dry skin on my hands so just what ia need !


A good find, so fingers crossed. This is highly recommended for use on babies and small children, as it's very gentle and really does help with the itching too. Cheers

Great find... Hope I get it!

Thanks. Just what I need at the moment as my hands are worse than usual

ta very much this will be great for my boys skin :-)

highly recommend this stuff, especially for eczema sufferers

got this today. thankyou.

still waiting hope i get this as my kids need it well not really but they do have skin problems.

the wife got her sachet today

I had to vote this cold, after clicking the link i go to good housekeeping page and i get the message.......... You have no permission to view this item [Status: Rejected]
lol made me chuckle tho!!!! Feel like a raggy doll being rejected

i got a full size bottle!

me and mum got a sachet in post 2day.
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