Exspect In-car FM Transmitter from £7.99 to £0.50p @ Asda Instore

Exspect In-car FM Transmitter from £7.99 to £0.50p @ Asda Instore

Found 12th Apr 2010
First deal

Just found instore in Smallheath Asda - Reduced from £7.99 to 50p!

Next cheapest is £7.29 Plus £4.50 shipping at Amazon, or £9.99 from Play!

"This in-car FM transmitter is the perfect way to listen to all your favourite tunes while on the move! The simple plug and play design is perfect for all users- even if your technical know how isn't up to scratch! Simply select a vacant radio station on your car radio, match it with the station on the transmitter and all your tunes will be played off the MP3 player through your car stereo!"

According to the packaging this is suitable for Ipod nanos, and "for use with all Mp3 players". Comes complete with Car Cig lighter power supply....

This was NOT on a yellow shelf tag for some reason, however was labelled up as 50p on the white shelf edge tag, and also scanned as such on the till.

Interestingly the place was full of people looking for Cheap 2Gb USB drives (as was i from other offer!!), which have now gone back up to £8!!!

Varying reviews, however cant be faulted for 50p!

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Do actually want one of these, can't see it been nationwide but I'll take a look!
they're pretty good, great price! just annoying you have to have the unit plugged into the 12v all the time.
how many did you buy

how many did you buy

Hahah, I was thinking that as he folded it, it looks like 3 at least...eBay? :-D:whistling:
good price - but these these are dodgy - i had mine a week before the connector just stopped working, but for 50p buy 5!

Hahah, I was thinking that as he folded it, it looks like 3 at … Hahah, I was thinking that as he folded it, it looks like 3 at least...eBay? :-D:whistling:

look like a long reciept ;-):-D
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how many did you buy

Lol - three. There was at least another 10-12 on the shelf at the time.

No point in Ebay - no real profit to be made (Around £2 each maybe!!)....not worth the hassle, and to be honest i would rather peeps on here get them!

However both me and the misses have ipod's, and the third as a spare.

Real reason i didnt want people to see the rest of the receipt?? the copious amounts of reduced lindt Choccy bunnies (smaller ones for 34p), and mini creme egg packs for 16p!!! (there was lots and lots - now kept in choccy for the next 6 months!!

Cool, don't forget sticking chocolate in the fridge will make it change colour so leave it in a cold dark place instead like under the stairs ;-)
I had one of these but the g/f lost it, I will be very much going for a look in my Asda to see if they have any in for that price!
Anyone tried theirs out yet?

My car stereo doesn't play copy CD's which means I have to constantly change the CD - drives me mad :giggle:

Would love to just be able to connect my MP3 player.

I bought one from dealextreme but it didnt work so gave up getting another.

May have to go and have a look, there was another deal on here I wanted to go for (can't remember what it was now but I know that I really needed one! :roll:) Unless anyone else manages to pick an extra one up for me, I would be sooooo grateful :whistling::-D
Is that product code: 506008852478 ?
has anyone else been able to get one of these from any other stores?
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Is that product code: 506008852478 ?

506008852478 - so yes - thats straight off the receipt!

Well someone's been out buying - the remaining 10-12 gone from the shelf within 24 hours....

voted hot yet no one checked there stores for one first wish people would check before voting,i checked barrow in furness store and they don't even have anything by this make
Checked around Dudley area - they either don't sell these or sell for £8.
I meant to buy one of these for a while. Anyone got lucky in black country?
none in liscard
may try brombourgh
voted hot - none in my local asda though
Sounds very much like a price error specific to the store as noone else can get these for 50p...
none in hyde
None in Hollingbury
None in Swindon
None in livingston
None in wolverhampton
none in north London, Southgate :_(

they're pretty good, great price! just annoying you have to have the unit … they're pretty good, great price! just annoying you have to have the unit plugged into the 12v all the time.

Just cut the end off and wire it in somewhere else, if you cant do it just ask a friend in the know (10min job) Gotta be worth a cupa:thumbsup:
I'm looking to get an FM transmitter for use with my 80GB Classic iPod and I'm after a bit of advice.
I don't really want to spend the earth (no more than £15-20) but at the same time I don't want to end up with something that's pretty shoddy.
I used to use a cassette adaptor and was quite happy with that, but my new car only has a CD player, and who uses those nowadays ;o).
I've been looking at the Griffin I-trip and Belkin tunemaster (i think it was called), but again they either seem to get poor reviews (older models) or cost a bomb (newer models).

If any one has got any advice or views on this, I would really appreciate hearing them. If anyone knows of any good deals on at the minute, even better!
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