Extendable Wheel Wrench - £1.99 - Lidl - March 19th

Extendable Wheel Wrench - £1.99 - Lidl - March 19th

Found 12th Mar 2007
If you drive a car or have a trailer/caravan, this is a must to have in the back, it has a reversible end that will work on most cars, 4x4's, trailers etc and the beauty about this wrench is - with the extendable handle even a weak person can stand on the handle and shift those awkward wheel nuts instead of waiting for hours until recovery comes.

And at this silly price it would be foolhardy to miss out on something that might never get used on a regular basis, but when you need it, you know you will not be stuck on the side of the road. I bought one last year and used it at Christmas on someone else's car when they had a flat outside the house, 4 'old' people, freezing temperature, driving rain and their car supplied wrench sheared off, the nuts each time. Took this one out and had them on their way in about 5 minutes. Excellent buy.

Extendable Wheel Wrench

Telescopic chromed steel bar with non-slip handle
With dual-size ½" socket (17mm/19mm) made from durable chrome vanadium steel.

Price per item £1.99

Available in-store from Monday 19th March
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I've got one of these and there are great, I'd paid a lot more than this for mine.

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Very good price, I paid about a tenner for mine.
VERYY NICEEE, as Borat would say :O) beats using a bit of pipe on the standard wheel bolt remover, i shall pick one up latter me thinks.... yes its 2am and im doing a night shift :w00t:

voted hot!
Voted hot from me too, I have a couple of these, invaluable for getting stuck wheel nuts off alloys. Buy some copper slip and smeer it on the studs and the centering ring of the wheel before refitting and never have a stuck on wheel or stud/nut again.
These are great. If you don't have one - get one.

Came across a poor chap who had been struggling to get his wheel off for 20 mins with the crappy spanner that came with the car (only succeeded in bending it). Had tried a spider wrench from another motorist, still no luck. Lent him this and he had the wheel nuts loosened in a jiffy.....
Yes highly recommended to have one of these int boot.
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