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Posted 5 January 2023

Addroom Garden Room Brick Effect- Left Centre Approx W5m x D3m - £6914.99 @ Dunster House

£6,914.99£12,284.9944% off
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  • insulated 140mm walls, 65mm roofing, 40mm floor
  • Walkthrough height of 1.84m for a fully usable room
  • Brick effect walls. Low maintenance & durable
  • Cost effective extension and conservatory alternative
  • 10 year guarantee on pressure treated bearers
  • Secure, Industry leading 12-point locking system
  • Easy build DIY panel system for quicker install

Add extra space to your home with an Addroom 5m x 3m Garden Room, the perfect multipurpose building. Comprised of pre-made insulated panels, construction is easy, making it a more hassle free alternative to building an extension or conservatory. It also much more cost effective. Kit it out with a home bar, pool table and cinema screen to make the perfect man cave for you, your family and friends.


With fully insulated walls, floor and roof, this garden room is ideal for year round use. And the durable water resistant WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) exterior will keep you enjoying your garden room for years to come. The secure double glazed multi-point locking uPVC windows and doors will keep valued items safe, while the wide opening French door allows you easy access. The stylish appearance of your garden room is finished off with brick effect walls and a slate tile effect roof.
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    > insulated 140mm walls, 65mm roofing, 40mm floor

    Note that these are finish measurements, NOT the levels of insulation. The walls have 50mm PIR, the floors have 25mm PIR, and the roof is a Frankenstein monster of shaped foam meeting a pretty woeful U value of 0.32W/m² K. Modern regs require roofs to meet 0.15W/m² K but this doesn't even meet the old regs of 0.18W/m² K.

    There's also a load of things to consider about how these panels seal together and to your house. The tiny bit of insulation it has won't do anything if there's a breeze blowing through. It's probably better than a conservatory, but good enough for winter?

    This is at least double the material cost. If you've any DIY in you, and a friend with a TP trade account, you could probably make something much better for half the price. Shop around for PIR. It's all essentially the same but I'd recommend bonding it to OSB if you're using it for large panels.
    Thanks! I've been thinking of diy'ing but not figured out what to use for the external side of the wall. Would you have any recommendations?
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    You could add this to the back of your house and rent it out £600 a month gives you a 11 month payback after that it’s clear profit (edited)
    only if you can find a tenant.
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    Interesting, they consider this as a temporary stucturre and not need planning permission?
    Under most circumstances it wouldn't matter anyway as this would be considered to be Permitted Development. Not sure how easy it'd be to sell your house with this attached though.
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    Please don't buy one of these unless you fully understand what you are getting into. Any extension like this would need Building Regulations' approval.
    The foundations on their own would cost at least 50% of the build and that's without checking if the supplied materials achieve the minimum technical standards.

    You're more likely to devalue your property by adding one of these to your home!!!

    planningportal.co.uk/per…ion (edited)
    100% this, our builder recently tried to build a solid roof conservatory as he assumed extension regs didnt apply.

    LBA made him knock it down and build it again up to regs, as anything with a solid ref is considered an extension.

    This wont meet reg's in a million years and will require demolition when you sell your house if the buyer wants a mortgage, i had to have 100mm floor insulation, cavity filled wool + kingspain backed 60mm plasterboard for the walls + roof has two layers of PIR to achieve the correct u values.

    I now have full LBA sign off.

    so some advice save your money please as you will devalue your house with this.
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    It doesn't look good even in their own photos.
    Used to work at Dunster - horrible company. The image is a render BTW.
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    I get 1 side doesn’t have anything as it’s meant to go against a house but surely you could build some kind of wall and use it as an actual garden room as well. Extra grand for the new wall and it’s probably still competitive pricing.
    Buy 2 and put them back to back.
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    "1.84 walkthrough height"? That rules it out for hubby and son, then! 🤕
    I think that's for the door? Says the eaves are at least 2.4m
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    £7K wasted for something which wont last that long and will be a liability when you come to sell,

    Then when you add ground prep and any power, heating and ventilation requirements it becomes alot more than £7k

    You also couldnt get Building Regs approval as it is not compliant - In my opinion you would need a screw loose to buy this. (edited)
    I think it's a conservatory alternative made to look more like a solid extension, I don't see the issue?

    Would you run a mile from any house with a conservatory?
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    I was in LA building control for 15 years as a BCO before turning from 'Gamekeeper' to 'Poacher' in private practice, dealing primarily with Building Regulations and Planning in a professional capacity. There are lots of easy to understand; illustrated 'readits' on the internet - even in the Gov. Planning Portal etc. Please make use of them, as some of the advice banded around here may cause you more heartache than good. As well meaning as opinions are; mostly can be incorrect simply through lack of knowledge albeit given with good intent. Hope this helps; but if in doubt try approaching your LA. Building Control who may be receptive-as we were in 'the old days'. Please don't rely upon whoever is selling you say, a conservatory, advertising what is permitted development or exempt B/Regs as they just want to make a sale mostly. Good Luck and hope this is useful to someone. (edited)
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    careful with PD rights under Planning as there are certain circumstances you will need permission...A) Locaton, Location and Location for example + you may have PD rights removed at time of house original build......etc etc.....try starting with a simple guide e.g. General Permitted Development Order
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    Don't need one but out of curiosity had a look and it seems like 6900 is the most expensive colour options but others are under 6k?
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    Plastered out a few similar to these, they’re ok.. the ones I’ve been in have been sat on metal posts, so sound hollow and bouncy..

    The problem I see is they’re a throw away item and not gonna last…

    a concrete base, 3 brick walls and a tile roof would last 100 years and add real value to your home.

    we’re following america with their slashed up throwaway homes & add on’s that could see issues in under 30 years (or 10 with these shed rooms) with lots of maintenance, but what would I know.
    Wonder how much a builder would charge to put this together?
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    I’d rather build an extension within the permitted perameters. 4m for detached, 3 metres for any other dwelling.
    No planning needed.
    Solid footing base, bricks and mortar, damp course, cavity insulation. 
    I’ve charged a lot less then this to get the shell up from in the ground as a summer weekend job.
    Say the full extinsion costs 12-15k  (Yorkshire) complete, I know what i’d rather have! 
    I think £15k is a bit shy for the current climate
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    So it's basically a 'lean to'?
    A plastic lean to, yes
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    I wouldn't trust the original price of this. It was probably £12k for about 5 mins. Used to work for DH - known for their shady sales tactics.
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    looking for this, is the company good? trustworyh?
    No. As mentioned previously their Trust Pilot used to be around 2.5/5, then magically and rapidly increased to the current 4.5. Suspicious or what...
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    Is this really usable "all year around" as advertised?
    Well you can't add it to your central heating , or remove the door or window from the room you're attaching it to. So u less you're going to run electric heaters all winter : absolutely not.

    This is more akin to the plastic conservatories of the 90s
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    184cm height? Im 191cm!!
    thats the door way height/clearance. Room height is higher
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    For those taking about permitted development, it still has to comply with building regs if you want this to be part of your property, i.e. using it as habitable accommodation, adding it to your central heating or removing an external door. This does not comply with building regs if you want to do that.
    Not sure it does have to comply with building regs as you don’t need planning permission or require a building inspector. Certificate of lawfulness is optional. It’s only when you come to sell that it becomes an issue.
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    This is effectively a pretty 3-sided shed that is fixed to the side of your house which also has some other minor embelishments such as token levels of PIR insulation. As a previous poster has said boundary distances would definitely need to be considered for fire safety especially with the external wall make up.
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    The 'brick effect walls' look terrible
    Usually find anything labelled ‘stylish’ looks terrible!
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    If you were into DIY, surely you could build a real one for this price?
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    184cm walkthrough height? Damn I gotta crawl through them doors
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    State of that, I'd be horrified if my neighbour put that up.
    I wouldn't buy it but it actually doesn't look that bad
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    Why not go for the warmer option of a tent?
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    Try to sit back and relax in this modern pre-fab and when it gently starts to rain......it will sound like machine gun fire. You'll be diving for cover when it pours down. You'd be better off bolting an old caravan to your house.
    Certainly not the bargain it appears, just a future money pit for maintenance. Lets not even start with building regs, insurance etc..
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    Does it need a foundation? Does it need a builder to install?
    It just uses velcro bud

    All jokes aside, it will need a foundation (not footings though as I think you are meaning) and no it doesn't NEED a builder, but if you look at it without a clue then, yes it does need a builder (edited)
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    My garage has better insulation than this
    Can I buy it for £6914.98?
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    Did anyone else realise this is delivered flat pack and you have to get your own builder/installer? I just called and spoke to them to confirm this...

    Still a good deal if you were considering spending upwards of 20k to build and extension anyways.
    How else did you think this would be delivered?
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    Shows £5,979.99 inc. VAT

    Its a lot of money for some plastic and glass (edited)
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    Need planning permission in my area
    How do you find it out?
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    You'll probally need cavity trays and flashing for this.
    Deffo need the flashing, but, this is cheap and not shouldn't be an issue for someone who is attempting DIY
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    I don't have any idea about this company but I can't work out why the OP has selected this particular item (which is definitely an aquired taste) when it seems the whole of their site is around 50% off.

    Surely garden rooms/offices are more fashionable nowadays? Something like this one?
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    I think people are seeing this for more than it is? My understanding is it essentially a conservatory, with low-grade insulation, designed to look like a solid extension rather than the traditional full white uPVC style. This being said there is nothing stopping someone from putting in the work and upgrading this to an actual extension (though this would obviously cost more time & money). (edited)
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    Just seen the before discount price
  36. Avatar
    Dunster customer service is absolutely amazing.
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    None of the links work
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    What happens to the natural light and ventilation of the room you are appending to?
    It becomes dark and stuffy?
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    I think it looks OK, a bit like an agricultural structure which I much prefer to some structures people do DIY, could do with some guttering on though
  40. Avatar
    unless i am reading it wrong they are boasting about how bad their roofing heat loss is!
    Why? The u value is not that bad is it?