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Extinction (XboxOne or PS4) £3.95 delivered @ The Game Collection
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Extinction (XboxOne or PS4) £3.95 delivered @ The Game Collection

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In stock again
Decent enough game, especially at this asking price. Main Deal link goes to PS4. I've put XBox One link below.
You are one of the world’ s last defenders, a warrior trained with the skill, speed, and strength. You have to fight off the endless wave of ogres and minions and prevent the human population from extinction.
  • Deep Story Campaign. Protect the human population across an abundant story campaign, rescuing as many civilians as possible and taking down brutal opponents.
  • Dynamic Side Missions. Complete numerous side missions with various objectives, earning upgrades to aid you in your campaign.
  • Skill-Based Combat. Travel horizontally and vertically, perform wall runs, and use your whip as a vault to perform devastating air assaults. Master dynamic combat maneuvers to effectively traverse the giant beasts and expose their weak points, progressing along different skill trees to develop a path best suited to your playstyle.
  • Interactive Environment. Move freely around a fully destructible environment, and use objects throughout the world to your strategic advantage.
  • Innumerable Battle Scenarios. Every battlefield is different from the last, ensuring a unique combat situation each time you play.
  • Custom Battles. Create unique battlegrounds with varied objectives, and challenge players online to compete for the top score.
  • Extinction Mode. Fight off a continuous horde of assailants as wave after wave of ogres and their minions attack without relent.

XBox One Link
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Decent game for under £3
It was £3 at GAME in store for PS4 version (appreciate they are currently closed)
But good price none the less
Edited by: "TonySquared" 29th Mar
Yea not bad for 3 pound!
Edited by: "Omen1314" 29th Mar
parkink29/03/2020 20:39

Decent game for under £3

Out of stock so why advertise?
codebee29/03/2020 22:45

Was in stock when they posted.

Well they certainly sold out very quickly
This game is dire.

Don't waste your time, unless you have completed every other game there is and have aready re-alphabetasized your spice rack. And literally have nothing else to do.
Edited by: "Jace_Phoenix" 30th Mar
I'm going to be a contrarian and say that this is in no way, shape or form anything remotely resembling a decent game.

It's a promising concept, delivered incredibly poorly. Even at this price it's not worth buying.
Just watched a walkthrough on youtube and it looks like fun. Why is it not a good game?
Great deal, had it for a while.
Have some heat!
CarloRivera30/03/2020 17:52

Just watched a walkthrough on youtube and it looks like fun. Why is it not …Just watched a walkthrough on youtube and it looks like fun. Why is it not a good game?

I think the Gamespot review sums this one up well.

A Giant Mess

Unreasonably repetitive missions
Randomized story missions feel cheap and don't make sense in context
Pointless and shallow combo system
Rules and objectives change without warning
Off-putting presentation and poorly written dialogue during story sequences
Edited by: "Jace_Phoenix" 30th Mar
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