Extra 20% on console trade-ins @ Game
Extra 20% on console trade-ins @ Game

Extra 20% on console trade-ins @ Game

Have just read the following on Eurogamer

Shops GAME and Gamestation are offering an extra 20 per cent trade-in value on all hardware.

The offer, which launches today, is designed to encourage gamers to trade-in their unwanted consoles in time for the Christmas spending splurge.

The shop offers this example: trade in a 160GB PS3 Slim and, rather than receive £150, you'll get £180.

This of course relates to in-store credit – you won't be walking out of the shop with your wallet bulging with cash.

The fun ends on Thursday 9th December.
Follow the link above for a table of the old and new values for each console.

I don't know how their values compare to others, but thought it was worth sharing


reckon hmv is still better even with that special offer, i traded in my ps3 slim 250gb and got £180 cash today or alternatively i could have got £200 store credit, game are only giving £192 store credit
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good way to get rid of my old 360.

can the trade credit be used online ? or are shop prices similar to the online store ? 60 is alright since my slim cost 95 from game last week for its grand opening

good way to get new need for speed game with out feeling to ripped off

How much for 20gb 360 !
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