Unfortunately, this deal has expired 12 September 2022.
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Posted 10 September 2022

Extra 22% Off On Selected Sale Items With Code - e.g Baya Flip £7.80 / Baya Clog £14.04 / Bayabamd Clog £15.60 + Free Delivery @ Crocs

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

3CROCS40 takes 40% off 3 pairs
10OFF40 takes £40 off

Thanks @w80dyp

Of the 4 items I tried the code on it worked on the 3 listed.
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    A few that have already ordered may be disappointed…
    found some new codes
    So 10off40 takes a further £10 off a £40 spend. Plus if you buy 3 pairs it takes 40% off your order. These codes can be stacked as above, I’ve got 3 pairs of the crocs baya in my basket. Coming in at £29.60 free delivery. Under £10 a pair. This is going to get some heat
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    Here's a bunch of more codes if helpful

    Now I seriously wished I'd read all the comments before buying a pair! 🙈
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    Well I received an email at 18:20 cancelling my order giving no reason other than there is a problem with my order, they also took payment but have so far not refunded it to my bank account, so I am now £66 out of pocket.

    I had a previous problem with an order with this company, they are based in the Netherlands and ship from there. It took me several weeks to get my money back. I was 50/50 whether I should risk trying to do business with them again. Definitely on my black-list now.
    Likewise. Awful company to deal with and get money out of. They won’t accept cancellations, even immediately after ordering, but advise you to reject delivery. Then you have to prise the refund, which should be automatic but isn’t, out of them.
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    Do these have good foot support? Like for plantar fascitis?
    I have PF and I used a pair for three weeks recently in France.
    In my opinion I feel they definitely helped. I now use them everyday in the UK.
    Friends with this problem say they have had special I soles made at shuropody. £60 a pair but they say they are fabulous.
    I might get some as I have had PF since March. It is getting better but so slowly.
    2 friends have had it and it took 1 year for one person and 18 months for the other to recover
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    Hot deal, I ordered a few pairs last week but will reorder now and send the other order back. Op saved me a few £s.
    Word of warning , returns is an absolute nightmare. They are sent back to somewhere in Europe and will take months for a refund. I learnt the hard way
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    + Quidco 3.75%
    TCB +5.5
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    Has anyone done an order in the last hour or so, are all the codes still working?
    Just ordered only 2 codes working
    10 off and 22% off
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    I ordered three different styles. All my normal size and all too small. Based on the fit of what I got I think I would've needed to go up at least a couple of sizes.

    No sign of a returns label in or on the delivery bag.

    Disappointed, but an well would've been a great bargain if they had fitted.

    Still appreciate the op's original post.

    Oh and I also had the relabelling emails prior to dispatch. (edited)
    Just Google Crocs returns. You will get to a page where you put your email and order number and then they let you print out a free return label
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    Who would buy these?!!! No way would I be seen dead in them
    Those working in a sterile environment, such as surgeons often wear them, plus those who are a long time on their feet. Grown ups realise there are times when caring what you look like doesn't matter. And yes, I'm a brain surgeon.
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    The sizes on my Invoices are one size higher to my initial order confirmation. Will be interesting to see what arrives!
    I believe the invoice will show the US size
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    Amazing deal!

    Ordered 2 pairs of adult clogs and a pair of children's clogs for less than £30 delivered!

    3.75% Quidco (if it tracks) too...

    Now to cancel the £15 pair of clogs I ordered from Amazon...!

    Heated OP! Cheers!
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    Be careful stacking all those codes. My price went up slightly when I used them all!
    Yes, they don’t stack. That’s people getting a bit excited. If buying three pairs you can’t do better than just the 40% off for 3
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    Thanks op the husband is getting crocs for Christmas
    Take a picture of his facial expression when he opens the wrapper.
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    Thanks for the deal - and for all those codes! £290 Crocs for the family for £41.50.*

    *+ 7% TCB (edited)
    How was yours so cheap
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    Heat added.

    I required Bistro clogs so slightly more expensive at £86.97 for three pairs minus £15 on Paypal/Amex offer (spend £70, get £15 back, every time up to 3x) worked out £23.99 a pair.

    I stacked the 22OFFCROCS and 3CROCS40 codes. As I mentioned in earlier post, the 10OFF40 added £10 to the final price so removed it and settled for the aforementioned amount.
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    Works with the Baya Slide, the slider version of the Baya flip.
    Dont stack with 15% off subcribed code, i tried.
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    Are these US sizes?
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    Tried these when my latest pair of Havianas wore out. Wasn’t very hopeful when they arrived as they looked weird and huge. But as usual they’re INSANELY comfortable. Just ordered their trainers, can’t get enough of that Croc comfort.
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    Horrendously ugly... but unashamedly comfy
    Pair for me, hubby and son for £24! Heat!
    Would you be able to post which ones please? I can't get anything to drop that much
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    Heat added, as others have said the 40% off one is best to use, I got just over £100 worth of crocs for £29
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    22OFFCROCS seems to be the only code working for me
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    Fab 😁 240quids worth for 70. Thanks for posting
    Enjoy the cancellation email shortly I'm not gonna bother seems all being slowly cancelled
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    Just been on the Chat with Crocs, they are telling me my refund has been initiated and I should receive it within 4-8 business days, this is real sharp practice in my opinion. They should not be taking payment until they are sure they can fulfil the order.
    They are claiming they don't know if they actually have stock until they try and fulfil the order from the warehouse, so the stock status on the website is not necessarily up to date.
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    I placed an order and it never went through although everything at the time suggested it had, wasn't even charged.
    The Credit Card Visa verify / Master Card verify system(s) have been playing up for me since Friday evening, I go all the way through the process, receive the one time code on my mobile phone, enter it with my Post Code, press submit but the screen does not refresh with an order complete message. And no confirmation email received.
    Happening for me with 2 different credit cards and 2 different retailers which is why I ended up paying with a Monzo Debit Card.
    I spoke to Nationwide my ccard provider and they told me there is no problem with my card, the retailer is not making a request for the money, so the fault is on the retailer side.

    All seems a bit strange to me as it is happening with different retailers.
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    My order has been dispatched great

    48224478-5c6Qw.jpg (edited)
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    Mine were shipped on Monday but now show a shipping exception 🤷‍♂️. Need additional labels apparently!
    Mine had the same message, but have had an email from Evri regarding g delivery. (edited)
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    Ordered on the 15th September and received them yesterday. I ordered fleece lined clogs but ordered up a size and both fit perfectly.
    Got my nephew a pair of water shoes in his usual size 8 and they are coming up large 🤷‍♀️

    My crocs dispatch info still said: package had an exception even though I had received an email from Evri telling me they had my parcel.
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    Thanks OP and everyone who added the codes ! ordered three pairs that I didn’t need.
    Bargain anyhow ! (edited)
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    Mine just arrived.. 4 pairs of Baya flips for £18 😄😄😄
    Yes, mine came through today we as well.
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    Never said I’d buy crocs ever! (Just purchased 4 pairs for just over £50 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Thank you for this😁. I needed new slippers but last time I looked they were £40.
    Got a pair for just over £16
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    Thanks to all, Heat
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    2 sliders & 2 clogs for just under £40 Heat added, cheers OP
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    Thanks just order 3 pairs for £24.78
    Which ones pls if you don't mind
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    I dont get why people care what other people think about them. I'm on my feet a lot in my work. If something is comfortable. Then... Whatever...
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    My missus will go mental that I bought Crocs, luckily only the flips though. Cheers OP.
    Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Enjoying so far ?
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    Dispatched this morning enjoy your ugly shoes everyone
    Who’s going to see them? You wouldn’t wear them outside your own house and garden, surely?
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    Nice deal, ordered
  39. Avatar
    Great find. Thanks.Ordered 3 pairs I didn’t need!
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    Amazing deal. Code stacking worked a treat