Extra 5% off Dell memory (RAM) at Crucial for 3 days only! (PLUS extra 4% discount and 7% quidco)

Extra 5% off Dell memory (RAM) at Crucial for 3 days only! (PLUS extra 4% discount and 7% quidco)

Found 14th Oct 2006
Just got this in an email, and I thought it would be worth posting as quite a few of you have Dell machines, and might be interested in upgrading your memory. I have bought from Crucial before, and I have to say their customer service was *superb*.

They have an additional 5% discount on certain products for the next 3 days - ending 16th of October.

Check the forum thread and I'll post links to all the memory that is on special offer.

EDIT - add promo code "PCANSWERS" to your basket to get an extra 4% off the top of these prices!!! AND use quidco for 7% cashback!!! Oh it's so complicated!
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Thanks for this Emma, I too got the email yesterday but wasnt sure about all the different discounts :giggle:
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Yeah, they're a bit complicated! But these seem to be good offers if you want to fire an extra 512mb into your computer. 512mb might not seem like a lot, but I feel it can make quite a difference to your running speeds etc...
Is it only 512M sticks that are in the offer? I really wanted some 1G ones
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I believe it's only the 512s that they are knocking off the extra 5% jogu. However, you can still get a good price on a 1GB chip using the discount codes and quidco...
All the modules in the link below for a Dell Inspirion 6000 show discounted prices including a 2Gb (2x 1GB) Kit.


Might be the same for other Dell laptops looked up through the memory upgrade wizard.
I bought am inspiron 1300 with only 256M. Is there a worthwhile upgrade?
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