Extra 500 Reward Points at GAME for pre-ordering titles shown at E3
Extra 500 Reward Points at GAME for pre-ordering titles shown at E3

Extra 500 Reward Points at GAME for pre-ordering titles shown at E3

T&Cs: UK and ROI only. The E3 500 Reward Points Bonus ends Wednesday 10th June 2009. The bonus points are only available on E3 2009 announced titles. Points will be added to your account within 14 days of purchase of the full game and not after the preorder. The 500 Reward Points Bonus is equivalent to £1.25, however Reward Points can only be redeemed in denominations of 1000. GAME cannot guarantee or advise on any release date for titles announced at E3. GAME will not be held responsible for any games that are postponed or cancelled.

At the moment applies to:
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Rock Band: The Beatles
Fight Night Round 4
Assassin's Creed 2


Could be good. Hopefully each game that is eligible will get its page updated with info. As ATM there is a difference between announced titles and titles that have been given a date.

Most of the E3 line up was known already ....

Uncharted 2?

Game highlights presented to date during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 (2 June to 4 June 2009, LA Convention Centre) as documented on the ]Game.co.uk web site I have summarised below.

(Microsoft announced the "Natal Project" (facial recognition & full motion-capture software) to be bundled with Xbox 360 consoles in the near future, as well as Xbox 360 Dashboard enhancements; 1080p HD Video & TV, Sky TV, Netflix, Last FM, Sharable Music, Zune HD Video content, and Twitter & Facebook integration).

Other highlights during the presentation by Microsoft...

"MILO" [Xbox 360] (running on the "Natal Project" software platform; the motion-capture camera controller peripheral)
"MODERN WARFARE 2" (The sequel to "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare". Due to be released on 10 November 2009)
"METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING" [Xbox 360] (featuring Ninja Raiden!)
"HALO 3: ODST" [Xbox 360] (22 September 2009)
"HALO: REACH" [Xbox 360] (to be confirmed: 2010)
"FINAL FANTASY XIII" (Autumn 2010)
"FORZA MOTORSPORT 3" [Xbox 360] (to be confirmed: October 2009)
"CRACKDOWN 2" [Xbox 360] (to be confirmed: 2010)
"LEFT 4 DEAD 2" (17 November 2009)
"SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION" (to be confirmed: Autumn 2009)
"ALAN WAKE" (to be confirmed: 2010) [A Wake? Asleep more like. How long is this taking?]
"THE BEATLES: ROCK BAND" (9 September 2009) [Note: Downloadable content for this title will *not* be compatible with earlier Rock Band franchise titles]

Presentation by Electronic Arts...

"STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC" (to be confirmed: 2010)
"NEED FOR SPEED: SHIFT" (17 September 2009)
"FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4" (26 June 2009)
"EA SPORTS ACTIVE" (to be confirmed: 2009)
"MASS EFFECT 2" [Xbox 360, PC] (10 January 2010)
"BRUTAL LEGEND" [PS3, Xbox 360] (16 October 2009)
"CRYSIS 2" [PC, Xbox 360, PS3]
"CHARM GIRLS CLUB" [DS, Wii] (To be confirmed: 2009. Four titles the series; 3 on DS: "My Fashion Mall", "My Fashion Show", "My Perfect Prom", & 1 on Wii: "Pyjama Party")
"LITTLEST PET SHOP" [DS, Wii] (To be confirmed: 2009. Three titles to each console: "Petz to the Country", "Petz to the City" & "Petz to the Beach")
"DRAGON AGE ORIGINS" [PS3, PC, Xbox 360] (20 October 2009)
"DANTE'S INFERNO" [Xbox 360, PS3, PSP] (to be confirmed: February 2010)
"APB" (ALL POINTS BULLETIN) (to be confirmed: 2009, possibly 2010)
"MADDEN NFL 10" (to be confirmed: Summer 2009)
"MMA: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS" (to be confirmed: 2010)

Presentation by Ubisoft...

"ASSASSIN’S CREED II" [Xbox 360, PS3, PC] (17 November 2009)
"SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION" (also discussed in the Microsoft presentation; to be confirmed: Autumn 2009)
"RED STEEL 2" [Wii with MotionPlus add-on] (to be confirmed: Q4 2009)
"NO MORE HEROES 2: DESPERATE STRUGGLE" (to be confirmed: 2009, most likely 2010)
"AVATAR: THE GAME" (probably December 2009 to tie-in with the movie release)
"SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING WORLD STAGE" [Wii with Balance Board support]: (to be confirmed: Winter 2009)
"ACADEMY OF CHAMPIONS" (as presented by Pele!; to be confirmed: 2009)
"STYLE LAB" [DSi] (to offer fashion design using the DSi camera; to be confirmed: 2009)
"YOUR SHAPE" [Wii] (uses a camera to scan your body & suggests a whole exercise routine to keep you in shape; to be confirmed: Winter 2009)
"RABBIDS GO HOME" [Wii] (to be confirmed: Q4 2009)
"TMNT: TURTLES IN TIME RE-SHELLED" [Xbox Live Arcade] (22 June 2009)

PS. The presentations by both Sony & Nintendo have yet to be compiled, but it didn't come as any surprise that Sony ]presented a motion-based controller that will be available before Microsoft's "Natal Project" comes to market.

I have, however, previously summarised a list of ]upcoming PS3 titles.



i emailed them and asked if the games i had ordered will get this promotion, still awaiting a reply

i emailed them and asked if the games i had ordered will get this promotion, still awaiting a reply

they are doing all 6 items with the promotion with the extra points but 3 werent in the offer period so i have to email them after I get them
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