Extra large 1.8M X 1.8M METAL SHELVING BEST PRICE £39.99 delivered fast and free @ebay - busters-2009

Extra large 1.8M X 1.8M METAL SHELVING BEST PRICE £39.99 delivered fast and free @ebay - busters-2009

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Found 17th Feb 2017
Metal racking is perfect for making space, getting organised indeed all aspects of domestic storage, 175kgs* UDL per shelf capacity for home and business use.

This racking system comprises of interlocking galvanised metal components and strong MDF shelving that can be quickly constructed without the need for nuts, bolts or tools. With a simple mallet, you can create an extremely strong racking.

It is the ideal storage solution for every household. Whether you are looking to store books, files, clothes, tools, paints or simply need a great storage solution for the home (office, playroom, utility room, garage or shed) this is the ideal racking system for you. Can be easily assembled.

*UDL stands for ‘Evenly Distributed Load’ which means the shelf can take the specified load capacity as long as it’s evenly spread across the entire shelf area. The shelves are tested at the factory to higher than the stated capacity by loading multiple 1kg weights spread out until the metal shelf supports start to deflect rather than collapse.

Dimensions (each unit 2 x Supplied):

Height 180cm

Width 90cm

Depth 30cm.
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you can never have enough storage.
be sound in anyone's garage or outhouse/workshop.
They look cheap and nasty
They are but they work
I bought some recently for the garage and sent it all back. Unless it has extra heavy duty its pretty thin material and the mdf board is thin. Much better to buy Extra heavy duty.
Anyone know where I can get an EXTRA SMALL 1.8M x 1.8M shelving unit?
I got these delivered today they are very good for the price in my opinion. Not the easiest to put together but not too bad. Thanks for posting
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