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Extra £50 Off (+ Original Trade-In) Google Pixel 6a & PixelBuds A when Trading-In A Selected Device | £399 / £349 with Trade-In @ Currys

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Posted 21st Jul 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Trade-In a device of £0 value, get £50 off the Google Pixel 6A. Aka, get that old phone out the drawer, head to your local Currys Branch and get the cheapest Google Pixel 6a Pre-Order in the country.

Carphone Warehouse will follow suit if you holding out for a Contract. Reccomended to do this in-store.

Device is available on 12 Months BNPL (Which is Interest Free if paid off within the 12 Month Period) which people may find useful.


Eligible Device Checker


Galaxy Ace - £50
Pixel 4A - £115
Pixel 4 - £130

Currys Delivery & Returns Information

Standard delivery is £4 for orders under £40, above £40 delivery is free for the majority of items..
Next day delivery is available from £5.00

Free click & collect in 1 hour. Subject to store availability.

Returns - items bought online can be collected from your home or returned to stores.
Store purchases can be returned in any Currys store, it doesn’t have to be the one you bought it from.
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  1. Avatar
    I see £50 as well but no idea how you trade-in, it doesn't make that clear
    Not at all clear! You kind of do the 2 things separately.

    Go to menu > Services > trade in


    And then select "mobiles" in "get an estimate" box and model and condition etc, and then it will show you quote and give you option to email it to yourself and if you keep scrolling down below where you entered email, it gives you an option to proceed and order the returns packaging.

    Once you've done this, you just order as you would without trade-in.

    I think if the quote email says bonus £100 off on 6a offer, you've got a good chance of getting the extra £50 imo, even if it takes a phone call or 2. So even though less hassle in store, online trade in looks like a gamble worth taking. (edited)
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    So, I've had a play around with the promo-rewards website and it looks like the link on Currys website should be:


    Offer is current and valid until 1st August.
    Buy the phone, submit a claim on the site above, receive buds within 60 days.
    Think that and the £100 trade-in (actually £109 with my old G5 thrown in) is enough to swing it for me.
    Surely you can get more for the g5 on ebay? Heck is buy it off you for 109!

    Edit, thought you meant pixel 5! Lol (edited)
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    £45 cashback with Topcashback buying from Carphone Warehouse.
    That's a better option for those who don't have a phone to swap in, like myself.
  4. Avatar
    How do I trade in? Just ordered and selected it but no info on how to claim. Anyone know?
    If you can pop to a branch I'd do it that way.

    Take the phone you want to trade (that they will accept) and they take the value plus the £50 bonus off the bill. You can then have your 6a delivered home or to the branch to collect on release day next week.
  5. Avatar
    It says extra £100 on the trade in calculator

    Replying to

    I think that's right. I think I'm going to go in store tomorrow morning. Will provide an update
  6. Avatar
    What’s the cheapest thing I could buy to sacrifice as the trade in? Seems quite a limited list (though struggling to browse on mobile tbh) . Thanks
    Select Desktop Mode in your browser, makes it a bit easier. They didn't set the iframe to the right size on mobile.
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    It's not any Android device.

    The only phones Currys accept are listed in their trade in section. If it's not there, it isn't accepted.
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    Just a heads up for those ordering off carphone.
    On their 6a page, the "what's in the box" section lists a charger.
    I know one isnt included, but I called CS and tried my luck at asking for the missing charger. They pointed out that next to the buy button it says "No Charger Included". I corrected them and said it actually says "No Charger Included? " as a question. This phone is clearly listed as having a charger in its box contents on the site so the question didn't apply to this item.
    After being put on a long hold, they came back and said they have allocated a 18£ credit on my account which will allow me to pick up a belkin charger from any store.
    No idea if it'll be honoured as I won't venture out until monday

    Replying to

    Sorted. Picked up in Curry's.
  9. Avatar
    I don't have an email from Carphone warehouse with details /invoice. So that doesn't meet the terms of the upload for claiming the buds.
    Any help ?

    Replying to

    I used the email with subject line ;
    Your Carphone Warehouse part of Currys order is on its way - Order Number 435xxxxx
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    They've updated it to £50 for the Pixel 6A.
  11. Avatar
    Reviews are out!

  12. Avatar
    Unfortunately I was unable to trade-in instore earlier this evening, the min £50 trade in wasn't showing on the systems.

    Replying to

    The website only mentions online
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    Got £240 back on my Pixel 5. Was supposed to be £290 with the "£100 bonus". Emailed to complain as it says price is guaranteed on their email confirming trade in. Will see what happens!
    I ended up opening a return because I had a 2 day window to return trade-in handset and get "guaranteed" price which I missed. (Started thinking quote for actual value was maybe £10-£15 under what it should be for my particular trade-in handset too.)

    The wording in the second email is so black and white that I don't see how they can get out of giving you the extra £50. Curious to see how this pans out for you.

    Screenshot of confirmation email in case anyone is curious.47985999-awuRB.jpg (edited)
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    I think I’m finally going to change from my iPhone to this. 12 Mini trade in is around £300, with the extra trade in price it shouldn’t cost much at all to get switched over.
    Personally wouldn’t do it.
    You cannot compete with iPhones fluidity and software optimisation. (Tried both Pixel 6 and iPhones) (edited)
  15. Avatar
    What is the general feeling with this ? Would you say that the pixel 6 for £450 was a better deal ?
    Core performance will be almost identical as it's using the same Tensor SoC, just 2GB less RAM. So if that's your only priority, then choose based on size. Though you do lose the glass back, reverse/wireless charging, and you'll only get 60Hz display (instead of 90Hz) and a 12MP camera (instead of 50MP, which apparently isn't bad and has been used on previous Pixel devices). Oh, and the Fast Charging is advertised at 18W - I know it's advertised at 30W on the Pixel 6, but the reality is that it will max out at about 23W anyway.

    I think the Pixel 6 at CPW for £449 with the £100 Android trade-in bonus and potential £55 cashback was a much better deal. That's expired now though. The reality is that the buds included with the 6a are about £60-70 new on eBay, so they might be worth selling if you just want the phone - at least it'll take the cost down to about £330-340. (edited)
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    Screw Curry's. I just got my trade-in offer from the OG Pixel 6offer the other week. Fully working Pixel 4a but according to them, it's got screen burn - it doesn't - and so they'll offer me £10.

    Time and time again, Curry's screws people over, never again...

    Replying to

    I asked for evidence, this is what they sent me back.47871822-ELjse.jpgWhatever screen burn that is present is basically, imperceptable to the human eye, at the very least mine...
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    Good deal, but lack of wireless charging is a deal breaker for me. Will stick with my S20FE for now.
    Completely agree, the idea that wireless charging is a “premium feature” is laughable when it probably costs them 20p to implement
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    Carphone Warehouse offering £55 topcashback today along with the extra £50 trade in (which is all done online) has won it for me
    Thanks for the heads up. I think I'll go for this deal as well
  19. Avatar
    Pixel Buds claim day guys!
    On another note, still nothing from my carphone trade in
    Claimed my buds, they said it can take 60 days.

    I purchased from Carphonewarehouse and traded in an s10e. The trade in pack to a little over a week to come through, the funds were sent to me a further week later (so 2 weeks after purchasing).

    Carphonewarehouse also gave me a extra of £100 and not £50. I don’t really know why as I was expecting £50.

    Top cash back is currently tracking at £13 but I have contacted them and they said it will go up to £55.
  20. Avatar
    Why is "ANY" device in caps. It is NOT any device, its the specific ones they specify. Don't worry, have reported them to the ASA... Currys are crap, as per. (edited)
    I think it means an extra £50 if your device is listed and just £50 if it isn’t.
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    Did they fix the fingerprint sensor from the 6?
  22. Avatar
    Really frustrated, when the pixel 6 was on offer for £450 a week or so ago I went to trade in my LG G5 and after initially accepting it on checkout the system said they wouldn't accept it. Now the offer is gone it's now on their website. I don't want a 6a as my current Poco F2 pro has more ram at 8gb and 256gb but I don't need that much storage so 120gb would be ok. Does any where still have it on offer and would Currys price match?
    Check the O2 deal posted recently. Other than that, lowest I've seen is £439 for black only at appliances direct - Currys should (?) price match.


    Other colours lowest I've seen is £449 BT Shop - Currys did price match this for me recently, done over phone. Others have reported hassles getting price match in store - they seem to apply their own flawed logic to the clear online terms and say no in-store.

    Edit: Sorry BT Shop back to full price. (edited)
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    A bad Curry can give you bellyache.

    Currys always give you headache.
  24. Avatar
    Got the new phone, setting up this week. But no package from currys to send back my old phone... I've spoken to Currys CS who advised going into store, just worried it'll be a wasted journey if they say its an online order...

    I have the confirmation email which said they'll send me an envelope etc to send back my old phone

    Replying to

    All sorted, money should be in my account in a few days
  25. Avatar
    So to be fair to Curry's, after emailing them at tradein@currys.co.uk , they've honoured the £100 bonus and are sending me the extra £50 by bank transfer.
    I've not heard anything back from my carphone trade in, they received my trade in on Monday. I emailed their dixons email and not had a response.
    Emailed the curry's address and they replied within a couple of hours advising they'll follow it up.
    Kudos for that at least
  26. Avatar

    Galaxy S0 - £50
    What is an S0?
    Updated to Galaxy Ace.
  27. Avatar
    how many BTU?

    Replying to

    Its a joke about aircon units
  28. Avatar
    I found it should be £100 off from Currys page
    Someone at Currys has done a mis-type.
  29. Avatar
    I'm not keen on the trade in being given as a gift card when you do this instore.

    Replying to

    Someone commented on another deal that when they returned after getting a bonus trade in done in-store, they received cash plus a gift card for the bog standard trade in value (eg if phone was worth £50 + £50 bonus and you paid £299 cash, you'd get back a £50 gift card and £299 cash, as you suspected).

    To be fair to Currys, trade in prices are based on the expectation that you are buying something from them, so giving a cash refund for their normal trade in value would be being generous imo. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    What's this about the trade in device can't be older than 7 years?
    That's the galaxy Ace out the deal


    We class your phone as 'needs repair' if it:
    • Has slight cosmetic damage
    • Has a cracked screen
    • Operates only partly
    • Has screen bleed
    • Has signs of the screen lifting at the edges or corners
    We cannot accept a trade in phone if it:
    • Does not power on
    • Has water damage
    • Is over 7 years old
  31. Avatar
    There's definitely some confusion on Currys part here.
    I followed Maaarks instructions above and got an email confirming an extra £100 for the 6a {the same email also mentions the 6 & 6pro deals separately)
    From the email:
    "£100 Extra trade in value

    Get and additional £100 when you trade in an sndriod smartphone and purchase a new Google Pixel 6a

    Initial Trade-in value will vary dependent on device. Offer available when you trade in in-store or online and continues until 09/08/2022. Additional discounted values only apply when you trade in any working or non-working phone Smartphone (excl iPhone) and purchase a new Google Pixel 6a. Trade In value and additional discounted value will issued at point of sale in store to be used the same day, or be received via a BACS transfer for online orders. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability..."

    There's also a problem with the earbud offer as the link on the Currys site is a "page not found". Looks like the deal hasn't been added to the promo-rewards website yet. (they still have some expired P6 & 6 Pro offers up elsewhere on that site.

    I don't really want to pull the trigger on the 6a until they sort out the earbud offer, but I want to take advantage of the £100 trade in before it's pulled!
    All very messy.
    And yes, that's cut and paste from the email - spelling and grammar mistakes included!
  32. Avatar
    It's an odd one but ultimately I don't see how they can refuse the £100.
    They've made the offer, I've accepted and they've confirmed by email that IF I buy a 6A they'll sling me an extra £100. Saying oops - didn't mean it, AFTER I've bought it isn't going to wash.
    I'm quite happy to cause a fuss when companies think the rules don't apply to them!

    Replying to

    There's a step by step guide above from a user called Maaark.
    But it's essentially get email quote and request a returns bag for old phone, then buy, then wait for payment.
  33. Avatar
    So I did the trade in online and got the email that I will receive the packaging to send mine back and will receive money to my bank account.

    Do I now buy the device online or do I have to go in-store? There's not one very close to me (edited)

    Replying to

    I was wondering how they tie it back together, couldn't work out whether it was just on trust?! Bonkers
  34. Avatar
    60hz not even 62-64 like the Mate20 pro and P30 Pro.

    I'm gonna give this some heat because you get the buds and if the trade conditions haven't changed you might be able trade your old bootlooped,
    LG G4
    Nexus 5x.

    So at £300 or less( trade and buds Adjusted price) it's worth the buy IMHO.
    I got £100 offer for trade in but not expecting to get that, hoping they sort out the £50 though and I don't have to mess about
    I traded by old Nexus 5x which hasn't been in use for an age. Current phone is a Mate 20 Pro but despite the 60hz you mention it will be nice to get a new phone and not pay the earth.
    Added discounts for purchasing this....
    Purchase with Topgiftcards I bought £395 worth (unlikely to spend much else at Currys so didn't go £400) which got me £20.54 cashback, and I also purchased via Topcashback which is currently showing £3.33 (pending uplift).
    Not a bad extra discount.
  35. Avatar
    Shame no micro SD card slot. This would have been my perfect phone!
  36. Avatar
    So you can get the phone for £350 if you trade in?
    Yes. Plus the free buds to claim from Google.

    I took an old Nexus 4 (over 10yrs) with a cracked screen that I found at the back of a drawer and they gladly took that, obviously for £0 plus the £50, but I'm not complaining!
  37. Avatar
    What's the process of buying and trading in online?

    It's offering me £224 for my phone plus an extra £50 so £274. Do I do the trade in process online, buy the phone at full price, trade in bag arrives send off and receive money by Bacs?

    Replying to

    Should be the same process however I think you need to do the trade in part first which then triggers an email confirming your trade in reference number.
  38. Avatar
    Ordered off carphones around 8pm last night, received just a moment ago.
    Will keep it boxed until the trade in cashes in
  39. Avatar
    Has anyone successfully done this with CPW which is offering a further £45 TCB?
    Mine tracked at 10£ pending update. Hoping it goes through OK. Would be great if it pays out 85£ as that's the contract price!
  40. Avatar
    Tempted by this... currently using a 4a (non-5g)
    Loved my 4a before I dropped it 😔
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