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Purchase an iPad Air / Pro and get up to an extra £100 cashback when you trade-in an iPad / £50 with tablet trade-in @ Currys

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Get an extra £100 for trading an old iPad when purchasing a new iPad (or £50 with any other tablet).

Initial Trade-in value will vary dependent on device. Offer only available when you trade in store and online from 07.09.22 until 11.10.22. Additional discounted values only apply when you trade in any iPad or tablet and purchase an eligible iPad. Extra £100 trade in value only applies when you trade in any working or non-working Apple iPad, or an extra £50 trade in value applies when you trade in any other working or non-working tablet, and purchase selected new Apple iPad Air or iPad Pro. Trade In value and additional discounted value will be received via a BACS transfer if you trade-in online and issued on a Currys gift card if traded in via a store. Only one gift card can be used to subsidise the transaction. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability.

Currys More details at Currys

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    No, it won't work on 299 ipad. I just been to store.
    Ah, that's a shame. You'd think they'd be wanting rid of that stock.
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    I've managed to trade in my mums smashed ipad for one yesterday and my old ipad 2 for another today. The space grey basic ipad (Product code: 346283 £299) is coming up as eligible for the offer, so if staff are saying it has to be an ipad air or pro, ask them to try and run it through with the space grey model and it should work.
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    New iPads incoming...
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    Got £118 for my iPad 3 (2012). 

    from what I know, you get the card and buy the iPad, and can then return it and you get an unrestricted gift card on the return to use on anything.
    Does this actually work?
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    Do Curry's ask for the box and/or accessories, or can I just hand over the iPad itself?
    Just the ipad
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    I think something change compared to this comment as looking at T&C is not specified that this offer is only valid when you buy iPad Air or Pro, by looking at it you can buy any iPad

    48384021-cnuB0.jpg (edited)
    went in traded two old iPads and got 2 2012 for £330 you can use it toward them

    48384224_1.jpg (edited)
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    This appears to be Curry’s wanting to clear stock of iPad Air and iPad Pro before the new ones are announced later this month.

    Think I will wait.
    They’re not going to be announcing new Airs. 
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    What is main difference between 11" pro and air, apart from camera? Can not decide. Thx
    120hz display, 4 speakers, cameras & LiDAR. Also note the air starts with 64gb when you jump to the more expensive model the price becomes closer to the pro which starts at 128gb.
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    So looks like I'd get £130 for trading in my 2019 iPad air, plus the £100 voucher. I cant apply the trade in offer against the £300 2021 equivalent model, but can against the £570 equivalent 2022 model.

    Seems if i wait for the 2022 model to depreciate naturally for a year I'd get the same saving plus more without needing to trade in. I guess that's assuming there's a new ipad air in 2023.

    However, the trade in value is pretty good. Shame I can use it for something else (like the £600 mac mini).
    See my first post. 
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    We’re using this to get the 256Gb Air from 2022 ie a newer model. I’m trading in a 5 year broken iPad mini with regular trade in value of £10, thereby getting £110 off the £719. I’m paying the balance using work corporate discount currys vouchers (£600 value for £568 or something).

    For me it’s about getting value for an old broken iPad which is otherwise worth £10.

    Ps I didn’t have the work vouchers on me last week when I popped in store to try, but I wanted to offload the old iPad.

    They insisted on doing it all once as they insist on the voucher being used against a Pro or Air in the same transaction, not trading in and using the voucher at some point in the future. So no getting around this one like previous trade-ins, it seems. (edited)
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    Just bought a iPad mini 2 4g off gumtree for £20 took it currys and got 10.2 for £147 ! Results kids present sorted
    So are you confirming the trade in works when purchasing the base model iPad?
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    I have ipad mini 2 4g - the only one not listed in the trade-in list. surely they forgot about it
    Just bring it in and see. They accepted my iPad mini 1st gen from 2012.
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    Can confirm this works with any ipad. Traded ipad air original 16gb in. £135 off for the £299 standard ipad. Happy days!!
    Slough branch
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    Am I getting this right - I could trade in my unused old iPad in the next few days instore, get a gift card, then use that in December to buy a new ipad for my child for
    christmas? Read through the comments a few times and looked at the currys t&c but I can’t see if there is a time limit between taking the old device in and ‘buying’ the new one 
    The staff member in the shop said I could of taken a gift receipt for the amount of the traded in ipad(plus the £100 extra) and could of come back and used it within a 2 year period on any ipad.
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    If I remember correctly @ashmac traded two ipads, check his previous comments... HERE is his comment (edited)
    You can trade as many as you want, but you only get the £100 bonus once on each purchase. So, trade two, buy two works fine, but you can’t trade two against one; currys may be inept but they surely wouldn’t have a deal where you could buy two knackered iPad 2s for £40 each from CEX and trade that for a brand new 2022 iPad!
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    Just tried branch in Bridgend South Wales, jobsworth. I wouldn't bother
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    Worked in Stevenage for 10.2" iPad 2021 no questions asked. In hindsight I should have sold my 2018 model to CEX for £130 and bought a first edition iPad for £22. Trade in the first edition for £105 + £108 (balance left from CEX trade) £299 for new iPad would mean only paying only £86. Live and learn!
    Thanks, I did similar thing with my iPad 2017, cex were offering more. So sold iPad 2017 and brought mini 32gb for £30 , which I got £22 and plus £100 for the offer
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    Just comeback home, went into Curry's to trade in my iPad 2017 32GB WiFi/4G and had valued at £145+£100=£245, so iPad 2021 64GB cost me £54 .... BUT, on the web my iPad was priced at £110 so should only get in total £210, but in store it was valued at £145, guy couldn't put wrong iPad details as he was entering serial number in to the system, so I don't know why website was showing £110 and in store had £145. I said nothing when guy said total trade in will be £245, any way im happy with mu purchase as iPad 2021 for £54 is a real steal

    Glad You went and tried it ! Great deal
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    Can’t work the trade in calculator , what do you get for broken 1st gen iPad Air
    You get pack of crisps.
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    yea seen this deal week a back, shame the ipad pro 699 is out of stock now ;(,
    Apart from ipad air 2022 , both normal ipad and pro might get replaced later this month.

    feel ipad air 2022 is overpriced with that tiny storage
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    Just managed to do this in Barnsley.

    Traded in original iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB. Very old iPad. Online trade-in value was £5 +100 = £105. But in store, he printed a gift card for me with £120 value. I didn’t complain.

    Bought new 2021 10.2” iPad 64GB for £179. Happy with that.
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    I'd hang on for the new iPad, to see what that's like
    Offer expires next week. 
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    Seems like a pretty decent deal. If I trade my 256gb 2019 IPad air they give £150 + £100 cashback. Don't think I could get £250 for selling the IPad elsewhere?

    But new pro IPad coming very soon...
    are you sure that is correct, dont see then giving you 250 foe old ipad
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    I’m sure I got a similar deal last year

    But the iPad Air was also on offer at the time for about 450 so workout out £350ish with the extra £100 trade in

    Wonder if they’ll discount again while keeping the offer running ………?
    IPad air is still pretty new, released in march this year. So maybe too early for discounts?
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    Did this last week. Got £105 for an og ipad mini from 2012 that was knackered and otherwise scrap. Small print said they wouldn’t take items older than 7 years but didn’t seem to be an issue instore. Used it with some vouchers I had from Monese so that knocked another 20% off the final price. The new iPad air is really nice. Just need to get a decent case for it now.
    Afaik the trade in offer only applies to the air. (edited)
    That's £5 trade in plus £100 cash back?
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    Do they just build a big ritualistic iPad bonfire with all these knackered old iPads? (edited)
    Someone else gets to use them

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    Thanks, need a new one so let’s try this , heated
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    So is there any reason I can’t trade in two old ipads (separate transactions), get the £100 gift card each + whatever value each ipad has- buy 2 ipad air’s- return them get money back plus the £200 in gift cards (£100 per traded in ipad in separate transactions) - then use £200 gift card towards one of the new ipad pros) when they are released!?
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    This seems decent, cheers OP. Being offered £7 + £100 extra for a shattered old Ipad air (it does still work, btw).
    Would make the cheapo one £192 which is a tempter....
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    Pretty good. Shame they aren’t doing £150 off for trading in a working iPad like last year
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    does £612 seem a good price for a 128gb ipad pro? (after voucher and trade in), i dont want a 2022 ipad pro, the M1 is good for my use for years to come or am i going to see this 2021 ipad pro cheaper and brand new in a months time?, i will be buying applecare when i get the ipad so it needs to be brand new from a store
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    Pretty sure they've significantly lowered trade-in prices since I checked yesterday...£14 for a working iPad Air 64GB 4G now...
    Yup they have, even normal iPad 2017... See my comment above
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    Went in and done the deal. My old iPad mini retina was worth £7.50 and it was immaculate. Kinda sickening how much value it lost over the years after what I paid brand new . Anyway I’m getting an iPad Pro M1 delivered with the extra £100 trade in value. I fear the new iPads are going to have a hefty price tag and I have a feeling stock on current pro’s may start declining so this should hopefully serve me well for the foreseeable.
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    Middlesbrough Curry’s wouldn’t honour the deal against a 9th gen 2021 256gb model.  Went to Teesside retail park branch and they gave me £104 trade in for an ancient 11 year old iPad 2., no questions that it only covers pro and air models.  Depends who you get.
    On my way to teesside now fingers crossed!
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    Got £102 for my broken iPad mini 2
    Got an iPad 9th generation for £197!!!!
    Did it power on?
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    Almost got this at Currys Garthdee (mini 2 with total £107.50 voucher) in exchange for a standard iPad... then a jobsworth entered the mix and told me it wasn't for that model. Then went to Currys Berryden - both stores in Aberdeen by the way... and no issues whatsoever - Spanky new iPad for under £200. Delicious. (edited)
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    I trade in 10y.o IPad 4 in need of repairing and got £102.50.. Used work scheme vouchers. Paid £186 at the end for IPad 2021 64gb. Thanks UKD. (edited)
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    Currys Croydon deal done on old iPad 2 16GB (working condition with scratches) - £119 voucher received and new iPad bought for £180. Thanks OP!
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    So. I just went to curry’s. Gave in my nearly 10 year old iPad. Originally he said £131 off a £299 iPad 2021 64GB.

    I was well chuffed.

    He tried to put it through on the silver model. He said the system wouldn’t allow me to buy with the promotion. He then tried the space grey. It says it allows him to use the offer. Then on second attempt he spots the tiniest of chips and so says my iPad is worth £105.

    All in all still a decent deal with the space grey one working!
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    Success at Harrogate (Starbeck) branch. No faffing. £152 off a new ipad 2021 space grey trading in a ipad mini 2 32gb 4g. Many thanks OP, couldn't justify an upgrade at full price but most apps were now refusing to install on ios 12.