Extra Special Stonebaked Slow Roasted Cherry & Mozzarella Pizza £2 @ASDA

Extra Special Stonebaked Slow Roasted Cherry & Mozzarella Pizza £2 @ASDA

Found 14th Apr 2011Made hot 14th Apr 2011
Reduced from £3.80ish in Luton store and Online. Hand-stretched base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted marinated cherry tomatoes and basil pesto. Very tasty, especially if you add a little fresh Basil, Parmesan & freshly ground black pepper.


This is an amazing pizza!!! Heat



asda toryglen in glasgow are selling it for £1.40

Size anyone?:|

Love it! Some rocket and extra pesto on top and its perfect.

Its about 13-14"

Awesome pizza had one the other night, maybe change the title to 'cherry tomato' though rather than just cherry

Is this pre-packed or off the deli/pizza counter?

pre packed, just picked up a couple and some parma ham, these are nice pizza's
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Very nice these are. Also available in peterborough @ £2

This is by far the best supermarket pizza I've ever had - time to stock up again!

They are good pizza's, as I used to work for the company that makes them. Bases made on a machine but everything else is done by hand.
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