Extra Value 4 Port Wireless hub £27.99 or less with Quidco

Extra Value 4 Port Wireless hub £27.99 or less with Quidco

Found 1st Aug 2007
The Ebuyer Extra Value ADSL Gateway is an ideal solution for home and SOHO networks. It supports the latest ADSL technology ADSL2 & ADSL2+, which enables high-speed data to be carried over copper wire on the WAN site and wireless or 4 Ethernet LAN ports on the LAN side. The device combines routing and bridging functions in a single device for high-quality, high-speed and secure access to Internet.

Based on IEEE 802.11g, the 54 Mbps wireless connectivity of this product helps to boost your productivity and to increase networking convenience with fast, reliable, and secure cable-free connection with diverse devices. Offering complete mobility while maintaining continuous network connectivity to both corporate and home intranets, Wireless LANs offer effortless extension to existing wired LANs and at the same time complement wired LANs.

The product has all security features like NAT, DMZ and SPI firewall. The Gateway provides VPN pass-through feature. With the VPN (Virtual Private Network) it makes it safe to connect to your local network from home or office. It provides built-in firewall to block unauthorized users accessing your network plus the URL blocking feature make it possible to block unwanted websites. The DMZ service make a client fully expose to Internet and ensure complete Internet security. The ADSL Gateway also provides full security for Wireless Networks. This allows you to set up web sites and e-commerce business from your office while maintaining protection for the rest of your office LAN.

It can be easily configured and updated from web interface. GWART2-54125 has all the network support features like QoS Bandwidth management, MAC address filtering, UPnP and proxy enabled/disabled. The product is compatible with many operating systems and is fully compliance with FCC and CE regulations.

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£27.99? I can't get it under £32.68 and that is via the cheapest delivery method. :thinking:

Can't find ebuyer mentioned on Quidco either! :-(
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