Extra Value 5.8GHz Video Sender, Media Streamer - £32.98 Delivered @ Ebay Ebuyer Outlet

Extra Value 5.8GHz Video Sender, Media Streamer - £32.98 Delivered @ Ebay Ebuyer Outlet

Found 18th Mar 2011
£7.99 postage but still cheap for the 5.8Ghz as even the cheap Maplins ones start at £50

Send digital TV upstairs or to another room without cables using a 5.8GHz frequency band which results in no interference from wireless networks or wireless CCTV. The sender as a long transmission range going up to 120 metres (400 feet). It is compatible with practically any video source (DVD, TV, satellite, Cable (Virginmedia) PC, etc)

•Stable 5.8GHz signal operates through most walls, floors and ceilings
•For use with Freeview, free-to-air, Sky TV boxes and more
•Change channel from another room with the built-in IR remote repeater
•PAL and NTSC compatible
•Easy set up
•Kit includes 1x transmitter, 1x receiver and 2x Av cable (scart cable not included)


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actually its only £4.18 delivery iof you get it from ebuyer.com direct!

Not if you live in most of Scotland it isn't! Ridiculous delivery charges, whichever way we try to buy. I don't even go to their website anymore, Amazon, Play etc can deliver UK wide free, Ebuyer charge us a fortune up here.

good price. buying from ebuyer
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how is it for HD streaming

this is not hd video sender, if you want to stream hd, this is not the type of product you are looking for
try this B grade for £99 this

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Its a S-video so you wont get hd quality picture out of it but better than composite!

Did anyone buy this? is it any good, any interference when you walk past it? picture quality???

These are down to £24.99 before postage now. Any comments on quality? Only one review on ebuyer but they usually sell decent stuff.

I bought expecting them not to work and... well, they don't work!

You have to buy scart adaptors as they only come with RCA leads.

They have eight different channels, I've tried all of them, and only get a black and white picture. The signal is so weak that it alternates between grainy and non-existent. I've also tried many different positions and directions for the antennae, to no avail. I'm transmitting from the living room to the bedroom next door, perhaps 5m at most.

I would not recommend based on my experience, however, of course, yours might differ. I might have a faulty unit or something.
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