Extra Value Elliptical Trainer with Computer Display £24.99 ------£36.26  Delivered

Extra Value Elliptical Trainer with Computer Display £24.99 ------£36.26 Delivered

Found 29th Jan 2008
This was posted a while ago Ebuyer have now reduced it. You can have it delivered using the super saver for £36.26
inc vat
87 in stock

An elliptical trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate walking or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries.

An elliptical cross trainer is comparable to a treadmill in its exertion of leg muscles and the heart. However, because the user's limbs remain in continuous contact with the machine, its operation limits the dynamic loading of bones and joints to generally harmless levels. This non-impact aspect appeals to those with recent injuries, chronic knee problems, and the obese, who cannot tolerate a treadmill. Ellipticals produce an intermediate range of leg motion between that of stationary bikes and treadmills.

Computer - Scan, speed, time, distance, calories

Product Size - 98 x 52 x 144cm

Buy it with this and get them both for £57.98 thats about £20 extra for the bike because your getting free delivery:)..
Good reviews as well...

Star Shaper BC-1670 Magnetic Exercise Bike
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[CENTER]I just looked around and if you buy this bike with it you get them both for £57.98 Delivered .That means because your not paying for postage your getting the bike for about £20 .Added the info to main post..




I must say these are great for hanging clothes on the bedroom, that what i use mine for.
good deal, voted hot, pity shipping to northern ireland is so high
I bought this same one at argos for like £80 last year. So compare to this price, this is great! However, I would have liked to have a pole in the middle to hold on to when I get tired from moving my arms. I see there are are two holes in the elliptical for the pole add on.
Bought one of these at Xmas and the build quality is awesome. You will definitely not find better for the price. The plastic footrests are a bit flimsy and the only thing that lets it down. @ Slash If you dont want the poles to move you put them in the 2nd set of holes and then you can lean on your arms. Anyone want to know anything about this piece of kit just ask.

The plastic footrests are a bit flimsy

you're telling me, unfortunately one of mine snapped off after only a week, this is a good buy for the price but build quality is pretty poor imo
Good luck with the RMA.
these seem good value but i worry as for the mentioned above.the cross trainers are good but i find them quite easy....I can go for like 40 mins.unless you put the pumps on and then they are too hard i can go for about 5 mins and im knackered.bit of a shame but seem a good price
if you are serously into your home workouts this is defo a no, no as it will not last more thn a few months regardless of warranty i would waste my time, i have had many a cheap machine and it cost far more in the long run, however if you are a newbie to home use this is a great starter to see if you really have the dedication to keep it up before it becomes a clothes airer.
I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago for my mum and have already returned it once. It was a mission for my mum to build it and was very unstable. I am going to try to build it this time when it gets delivered but I must say for £25 you cant go wrong. I have searched and couldnt find it any cheaper else where.

Ebuyer are pretty good when it comes to returns, its all online and quick. So if you have a faulty one or dont like it then its free and easy to return.
Bought this just after christmas, I find the problem is that whereas the stepper I use in the gym always keeps your feet flat, this is very angled as you push you feet forwards (45 degrees).

Just doesn't feel right to me....
I bought one the other week (at 31.99! Doh!) and I think its great value. Yes it's not the same quality as something that's 4 times the price, but you're not going to expect that!

I found it easy to put together and quite sturdy (and I'm 15st!).
As with most products the item is only as good as the person that puts it together MFI units come to mind. I agree that these will not be the best around but in most cases keep fit items are only used a few weeks then hid in a cupboard never to see light of day again. At this price if that does happen you have not lost as much as you would of normally on buying something decent.
The foot rests are flimsy, held on only by thin plastic, so be careful not to overtighten. My jellyneck daughter managed to break one off, but I did a return of just the footrest to Ebuyer and they sent me a new one.
Build is fairly easy, but you need a hammer to bang the central rod in!

OK for the price.
My advice is to go for a machine with magnetic resistence,,,,the resistence strap on mine has worn out very quickly but I managed to get a replacement from [url]www.thesportshq.com[/url] (contacting them by email) for a fiver.

I bought this same one at argos for like £80 last year. So compare to … I bought this same one at argos for like £80 last year. So compare to this price, this is great! However, I would have liked to have a pole in the middle. I see there are are two holes in the elliptical for the pole add on.

That's disgusting... this is a family forum:oops:
This should be unexpired, Just ordered this for myself @ £29.99+£11 delivery.
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