Extra value SurroundBar VH-8080 3.1 Channel Multimedia Bar Speaker £49.99 - Ebuyer
Extra value SurroundBar VH-8080 3.1 Channel Multimedia Bar Speaker £49.99 - Ebuyer

Extra value SurroundBar VH-8080 3.1 Channel Multimedia Bar Speaker £49.99 - Ebuyer

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Just so I can be clear on the benefit to me of this - I live in a flat and could never use a 5.1 surround system to any great volume level. All I was looking for was something to improve on my LCD TV's internal speakers which are ok but vibrate at certain sounds (which is REALLY annoying when watching something where the same background music causes it and they keep using it!). Also I really didn't want any wires across the room.

Anyway, I didn't want to spend a fortune either and this ticked my humble and meagre boxes. It is certainly a VAST improvement on the clarity and quality my internal speakers had offered. It won't impress the purists but it does what I wanted. Remote control included.

Hopefully will help someone who want a good improvement on TV speakers without having to pay a fortune.

I have a feeling this may go cold ;-)


No idea of the quality, but a soundbar with sub for £50 for a second TV, ie bedroom sounds like a good option.

Got to be better than stock speakers, even my 2.1 £15 logitech's in the bedroom bring so much more than my Samsung's lightweight, light sounding rubbish.

Would love to see a review.

BTW i think this is a Vistron (rather than extra value)

good price, but lack of optical or HDMI inputs.... not knocking the product it will still have a market, but for most people I suspect that'd be a deal breaker.

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No I agree that it isn't for anyone looking for anything more than a pleasant little boost in clarity etc.

Don`t spend £50 on this.
Get a set of pc 2.1`s.

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Don`t spend £50 on this.Get a set of pc 2.1`s.

With a wired remote? No thanks.

I actually strongly considered getting this a while ago, as the price was very appealing, plus I thought it must surely be better than the built in speakers on most TV's. I liked the idea that it more than one phono input too. But I ended up opting for a Sharp sound bar instead. It was double the price, but it looked a lot better IMO and had a small digital display on the front too. I have to say that I have been very impressed with that though, and it certainly does make the sound much better. I didn't want speakers all around the room either, but my soundbar does a very good job. This in fact has a higher wattage than mine by some distance too.

I can highly recommend sound bars to anyone, and at this price i'm sure you couldn't go wrong.

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One thing I would add is the size of this thing - it is huge. My tv stand is identical in width to my 42" tv and this is more than 2" wider than both at each end. Takes up the entire shelf heightwise too.
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