Extra value SurroundBar VH-8080 3.1 Channel Multimedia Bar Speaker For 42" TV's - £47.20 delivered at Ebuyer

Extra value SurroundBar VH-8080 3.1 Channel Multimedia Bar Speaker For 42" TV's - £47.20 delivered at Ebuyer

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Found 5th Aug 2010
Extra value SurroundBar is designed to complete your High Definition TV experience. It’s the perfect match for flat-panel and shallow screen TVs. And it works with any surround sound receiver in any room to bring you the thrills of surround sound from a single speaker. The SurroundBar’s unobtrusive design and color-coded hookup configuration make it a welcome addition for anyone who wants the thrilling benefits of surround sound and none of the hassles.

Features & Functions

* Main function of touch pane
* Full function of remote control
* OSD function
* Wall-mountable or use with integrated base
* Digital Volume and independent 3.1 CH volume control


can be used on smaller 32" tvs ?

It just sits below the TV, so no reason why not. It'd just be a bit bigger than the TV.

I got the slightly smaller vh-8070 (only 3 left in stock) and it just fits onto my TV stand bottom shelf (with a bit of wriggling to get it past the posts. These are BIG so measure first!

Not a bad sound for the price, certainly a massive improvement on the TV internal speakers. Great for those muffled American TV series, like The Mentalist, as you can up the centre channel to get far better voice clarity.

Controlling it is a bit annoying as no indication on the front as to what is happening and the on-screen display is via a rca connector that needs a signal in (no use when trying to change sound on Sky HD!) to output anything. It also reverts back to a default volume setting when you switch on.
Also, I have been unable to get any codes working for operating via the Sky remote so I bought a one-for-all Kameleon (5in1 15.99 at Mymemory) and got it to learn the codes which cuts down the number of remotes hanging around.

All in all, I think it is a bargain despite some flaws and well worth the money.


how are these for just stereo music?


how are these for just stereo music?

Not really these type of speakers forte although they do OK (in the context of music from SKY/Freeview etc). I'm sure you could do a lot better music orientated speaker/amp combinations for the price if that's what you are after.


Hi I got this bar second hand and no instruction ,please can you help or not.
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