Extract of pure Vanilla 473ml @ £4.99 in Costco

Extract of pure Vanilla 473ml @ £4.99 in Costco

Found 16th Dec 2012
Kirkland Signature extract of pure vanilla. 473ml is I think as big as it gets for vanilla extract

Tierd of buying tiny 38ml bottles for £1. Saw this and thought worth a bash. use it for icing / cakes / adding vanilla flavour to anything.

Contains Water, Alcohol, Sugar, Vanilla Bean Extractives

Most amazon reviews are good

Kirkland Signature Extract of Pure Vanilla is made using superior vanilla beans from the orchid species; Vanilla plantifolia. The extract contains 0.2% Vanillin. This natural occurring compound gives the vanilla its deep, rich flavour and aroma.

Minimum purchase 2 units
Store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol (29%), Sugar, Vanilla Bean extractives (product of Uganda and Madagascar)

Allergy Information: Gluten Free

Country of Origin: U.S.A

MINIMUM QTY OF 2 PURCHASED PER SALE (according to costco website)

There is no minumum purchase, I bought 1 (skhudy)
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bloomin good deal
This is excellent quality, not your cheap stuff. You will definitely taste the difference.:)
I'm a fan of Madagascan pods only, having tried the ones grown in uganda i wasn't impressed, sort of half-assed vanilla, & don't get me started on the indian pods, 3= 1 madagascan pod when cooking in our experience.
crikey never realised there was much in it for types of vanilla extract (bean origin), hopefully when I crack open the bottle I'll find its a gud un! btw this says contains 0.2% vanillian
Vanilla is the second most expensive to saffron believe it or not!
cracking deal! heat added
I've just got back from Cancun, MX and in the duty free they had loads of this stuff there. People were picking up bottles and bottle of it I brought some for $5.99 and still don't know why lol, tastes nice in coffee as a flavouring though!
I've been using this for a while and find it great value.
What is the shelf life on this once its opened ?

What is the shelf life on this once its opened ?

there is no date on the bottle. looking online pure vanilla extract lasts indefinitely! unlike the imitation ones
very good quality stuff
Spotted this post whilst on the way to Costco so picked a bottle up, I usually pay £5.59 for 118ml so this is a bargain!
I'm not sure why this is expired... has the price gone up? this is the normal everyday price in Costco... and a total bargin
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