Extras series 1 & 2 box set DVD £11.98 delivered @ Amazon

Extras series 1 & 2 box set DVD £11.98 delivered @ Amazon

Found 14th Jan 2009
Husband was looking for 'Extras' season 2 for his birthday and the cheapest he could find it for was around the £15.00 mark. Then he spotted the series 1 & 2 box set on Amazon for £11.98 (reduced from £27.99).

Thought I'd pop it on here as I thought it was a pretty good deal if you enjoyed/missed Andy's adventures with Sir Ian, David Bowie etc (checked play and they're selling it for £15.99)


you wanna get this one for an extra £2 mate:



This is the old one, and was available for £8 before Xmas. Get the new one with the special for not much more.

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That HMV deal is great. We're still going for the Amazon set as Mr Mc asked for season 2 for Christmas and his Mum accidentally got him the special instead (£1 from The Works).


been a lot cheaper than this in the past.

Great show, but not a high value item...
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