Extras - Series 1 And 2 - £10.00 @ WHSmiths

Extras - Series 1 And 2 - £10.00 @ WHSmiths

Found 3rd Dec 2008
Series One:Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) is a desperate man. He's been an actor for five years but thanks to his useless agent (Stephen Merchant), he's never done any acting.Instead he's just a lowly film extra, walking around in the background while the stars do their lines. Andy's only friend in the world is Maggie (Ashley Jenson), a fellow extra and a hopeless romantic. While Maggie pursues the man of her dreams, Andy decides he'll do whatever it takes to get himself noticed.Series Two:After getting his comedy script accepted by the BBC, things are looking up for Andy. However, Andy's dreams of becoming a respected auteur are roundly demolished and he must claw back what little self-respect he can.The second series of the award winning Extras is as edgy, uncomfortable, daring and funny as no other comedy.


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£7.99 @ Zavvi and yeah I know, jus' sayin :lol: (same supplier anyway)

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