Eye Toy Groove PS2 - Free Postage + Free Atari T-Shirt - £4.99 + Quidco

Eye Toy Groove PS2 - Free Postage + Free Atari T-Shirt - £4.99 + Quidco

Found 17th Jul 2007
free postage and a free shirt!!! get in there quick before they all get snapped up!


anyone been able to see/change the size of the T shirt?
I only want the T-shirt

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there seems to be quite a few games on there where you get the free T-shirt!

darn, i cant get this cost my work has games sites blocked and it comes up as a games site......boo hoo
Hot deal nonetheless.....heat added


anyone been able to see/change the size of the T shirt?I only want the … anyone been able to see/change the size of the T shirt?I only want the T-shirt

same here dude.

ordered anyway
they've sent me a mail to confirm it'll be here tomorrow.


here is all the £4.99 ps2 games with free t shirt i am waiting for my email so i can order thanks
PS2 games from £4.99 with free atari tshirt

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball

Eye Toy Groove PS2

Rainbow Six Lockdown PS2

Eye Toy Play 2 PS2 (Sony)

Peter Jackson King Kong PS2

and more

like 24 the game for £5.99 and free tshirt


Thanks seems to be a good deal, voted hot :thumbsup:

This deal was posted already sometime ago. No camera tho for those lookin for one I'm afraid.

Nice reminder post however!

all gone now...darn and blast (thinking stronger in my head honest)!!!!

just ordered king kong with a Free T - thanks for the post

plenty of 4.99 games left with the T shirts (you have to be logged in to put an item in your basket)

no-body have any idea the size of these T-shirts? anyone recieved one.

mine arrived today, the game is unsealed, the T shirt is naff
it's a medium, the quality is bad and it's not the same as the one on the site, it's black with the atari logo but it has no text on it
the label in the shirt is none existant, I can only assume it's unlicensed.

not happy.

it gets better, the disk is damaged too!
I just wrote them a quick email, shall see what they say

My order arrived this morning and there is an issue with it.
the game is unsealed and the disk has marks all over it!

this is not my main concern, I actually bought the item as I wanted the Atari T-shirt advertised on your site.
The T-Shirt that arrived is the wrong size and it is unlicensed, the print quality is terrible and worse than this it is not the Tshirt advertised, the one I received had no text on it, just a bad quality print of the Atari logo.

So now, my first purchase with yourselves has left me with a damaged game and a T shirt, the reason I purchased the item that is the wrong size, and not what was advertised.

please advise me on what you can do about this.
Richard Steven Alexander.

where you able to specify what size T-Shirt you wanted?

not on the website no, I emailed and asked, the reply I got basically told me they had a limited number of each so they were sent randomly, I requested my size and was told that they'd put one in for me....liars.

just to say that mine was all fine. haven't played game yet but it all looks new enough. I got beach volley ball. T-shirt was good and good size just doesn't say Atari on it, which is disappointing. But i am happy enough for £5.

not good for me got a tshirt size m looks like a small (tshirt is not that good not the one they have on the site and the print on mine was no good ) and no game told them about it did not get a good email back

real bad service from them for me the thing that realy got ot me was i wanted the tshirt more than the game so i end up with bad tshirt and no game



Just noticed this is back in stock. :thumbsup:
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