Eye Toy Play 3 Solus [Sony PS2] from SoftUK - £6.99 (+2% Free Fivers)
Eye Toy Play 3 Solus [Sony PS2] from SoftUK - £6.99 (+2% Free Fivers)

Eye Toy Play 3 Solus [Sony PS2] from SoftUK - £6.99 (+2% Free Fivers)

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SoftUK are selling "Eye Toy Play 3 Solus" for the Sony PS2 for £6.99.
Use the code "Cheap Games" (without quotes) to get free delivery.

You can get cashback via some sites (e.g. 2% Free Fivers, making it £6.85). You can also get 6% cashback through SoftUK's 'Collector' program

The next best price is £10.97 from Amazon Jersey.


EyeToy: Play 3 solus version will keep everybody entertained this Christmas season. The content has been carefully crafted to include a huge range of activities across multiple genres including sports, action and music, as well as a collection of whacky multiplayer party games thatll get the whole family playing together at the same time! Below is a small sample of whats in store:

Beach Volleyball: Spike your way to the top in a four player multiplayer game or against the local resident beach bums. Special modes include the hilarious speed rally.

Bowling: Hit the alley in this bowling bonanza! Play a traditional game of 10-pin, or go crazy bowling balls at the marching pins in a unique knockout mode. The game also features a tournament for up to 4 players so you can really see whos the King Pin.

DJ: Scratch the decks and entertain the crowds! Watch out for the club lights and hi fives. This game will have you mixing with the best . . . How bling can you get?

Be the Band: Take the whole family to the stage and play one instrument each! Try your skills at guitar, drums, trombone, keyboard and...well, be the band! Poor playing will result in a poor show so keep in synch!

Hair Salon: Ever thought you could manage a busy day at the salon? In this hair-raising game, youre let loose to cut, style and design some weird and wonderful bouffants. Remember, your customer must like their new-look or there could be tears!

Boot Camp: Take hold of your nerves, and your stamina as you enter into this action-packed Boot Camp. Led by the fearful Sergeant, follow orders or face discipline, soldier! Its Sir, yes Sir all the way as you take on training exercises and agility courses... youll be whipped into military shape in no time!

Party on: Get physical in this crazy collection of micro games, designed for a four player extravaganza. Hilarious activities include: bell ringing; shark swimming; balloon blowing and the weirdly wonderful, Kitty Loves Me!

The Playroom: The playrooms are back with a whole new range of crazy innovations. In true EyeToy fashion, the playroom experience provides open-ended fun and zaniness that will leave your mind boggling!

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