Eyeclops Magnifier - £24.90 Delivered from NetPriceDirect

Eyeclops Magnifier - £24.90 Delivered from NetPriceDirect

Found 1st Dec 2008
This looks like a pretty good deal to me, the usual price of one of these is around £40 (£39.13 from amazon) but these guys are selling them for £20.95 + £3.95 delivery.

If you've not seen them before, here's what Toys R Us have to say about it:

Children can take an eye-popping peek at the world around you with the Eye Clops Bionic Eye. This handheld microscope is an ideal science toy which allows you to view virtually any item at 200 times the regular size on any TV screen.

Common everyday objects appear extraordinary: Table salt looks like blocks of ice. Fine hair looks like twisted rope. Even your own skin looks alien! Just plug it in to the TV and turn it on. View virtually any object ranging from the carpet to the family dog to a spider. An observation chamber and dish are included for small objects and liquids.

For ages 6+


looks like fun voted hot

I was shopping around for this about a month ago and would have snapped one up at this price.

Anyone know of this company?

Remember - this is the cheap version!!!!

Magnification only 200 - Amazon's are 400 magnification.

So not really the best bargain.

Bought this last year for my daughter - fun for about 5 mins then sat in the box gathering dust.
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