Eyemax Wind Up Radio - £9.99 @ Argos !

Eyemax Wind Up Radio - £9.99 @ Argos !

Found 9th Oct 2007
First 'hot deal for me'

Eyemax Wind Up Radio. 5000201 Product detail Eyemax Wind Up Radio.
Less Than Half Price £9.99 Was £29.99
Just bought 2 of these and they are excellent. Although the Argos website said my local store had none I hapened to go in anyway and they had about 6 on the shelf behind the collecton point
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Are you sure this isn't a wind up?

Are you sure this isn't a wind up?

Blast! You beat me too it!

OP - are you sure this isn't some kind of Wind Up......?
Plenty of Stock in London

Shepherds Bush

and on....
Excellent find - Just reserved one in Costa del Widnes.

Camping shops charge a small fortune for similar. . . VOTED HOT HOT HOT
My local tesco metro had some wind up radios for £7.50
They were branded tesco value, no idea who makes them or what the quality was like though.
Yet another Argos Wind-Up deal. Oh wait, they actually have stock :w00t:
just not local to me. :-(
Stock in Bury, Lancs.
thanks - not much stock left anywhere now
Tesco £7.50..

Sometimes things are reduced and are not realy a bargain afterall.
Freeplay wind up radios are built like tanks, great for outdoor use, gardening, walking, camping, mines been buried in sand, soaked by rain and it still works fine.

If you want one to last buy a Freeplay, it you want a cheap one, then buy an own brand.
I have one of these they are great.....either wind up or solar powered...alos has quite a bright torch at the end...

vot Hot Hot
just oredered some for xmas pressies great find;-)
These radios are top notch, as someone mentioned they are really well built, great for on building sites where theres no power.
They also have a plug in charger with them, if ya charge it for 24hrs you'll get about 48hrs playback.:thumbsup:
As previously mentioned, try Tesco where dynamo radios are available for £7.50, or else Wilkinsons who sell a similar model for £7.99 (maybe less)
Can only agree with previous posts about the quality of thes radios. Bought one of these from a QVC outlet about 3 months ago for £18.
Eyemax are one of the top producers of wind up electrical goods and at this price its a steel.
Wind up, mains charger, or solar power, very robust :thumbsup:
Just picked up one of these. They are the muts nuts. Even have teh solar panel and useable LED torch. Well found.
Are there any plans for dates of digital radio switch over?
Stanley, no plans when I looked last month. Switching over FM is going to be a much bigger deal than switching digital TV. I would think you are safe for at leat the next ten years.
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