Eyepet (Game + Camera) PS3 for £10 @ HMV

Eyepet (Game + Camera) PS3 for £10 @ HMV

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Spotted this in my local HMV, not my sort of game but defintly worth it for the camera alone, i would of got it if i didnt have move starter pack already, apprently this can be also used on computer as webcam. Weird how the game is selling for £11.99 next to it :-p


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this automaticaly updates when u insert the game so that its compatible with move controller too

Hot from me! Some good in store bargains to be had lately!


Is this just compatible with PS3's in Newcastle?


Is this just compatible with PS3's in Newcastle?

That's the Why-Eye pet you are thinking of

'Hotdealsuk and Dr Zoldberg'...the next Morecombe and Wise? Quality entertainment.:D

Get this and pre-owned Move controller from Cex and you have the Starter bundle for a fraction of the price.

Bargain. I've had that game since it came out and found it surprisingly entertaining myself. I bought it originally cos I was interested in how it works and it kept my friends kids and my niece happy but found myself enjoying some of the modes and I kinda miss my little Gizmo who vanished from existence when my first PS3 died

And yeah it's a bargain even if you just want the Eye camera. I use that in various other games too like LittleBigPlanet & Burnout Paradise and I use the microphone rather than a headset when chatting to friends in those games and Uncharted 2 online. Far prefer it to a headset (as I wear headphones all the time as it is)
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Never mind - joke already done
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great deal

I picked it up today, but didn't understand what came in the Move starter pack so I bought that from Grainger Games as well for £30. Now I have two cameras lol.

Didn't realise it updated to become compatible with the Move though, thank god as I was going to buy the move edition of Eye Pet for the bairn lol.

Saw this in the Taunton HMV if anyone is interested. HMV do make me laugh at their prices:

Eyepet w/ Eye Toy (New) - £10.
Eyepet w/ Eye Toy (Pre-Owned) - £22.98
Eyepet Move Edition (New) £11.99.

None in the Nottingham store
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