Eyepet (game & magic card) only £12.99 @BlahDVD.com

Eyepet (game & magic card) only £12.99 @BlahDVD.com

Found 23rd Jan 2010Made hot 23rd Jan 2010
Around about the £15 mark is the next cheapest I can see.
Say hello to the newest member of your family: the mischievous, magical EyePet! Every EyePet is a loveable bundle of furry fun brought to life by PS3. Thanks to the PlayStation Eye Camera (sold separately) and the 'Magic Card', you can feed your EyePet, stroke him, style him with new looks from the Pet Centre and even sketch amazing toys that spring to life on-screen for him to play with. Every day will bring fresh ideas and new toys to keep your new friend entertained.


I had high hopes for this (very high hopes) as previous incarnations of the idea have 'sort of' worked, but I think Sony should be sued!!! All the advertising crap shows how well it reacts to you.... what a load of crap!!! "Played" on this for an hour or so at Christmas and got so frustrated with the lack of response.

Only thing I liked was the ability to draw stuff to use. Again this is flawed as you have to follow a rough template of what it wants to see, I suppose it was too good to be true that you could draw ANYTHING on screen (youtube vids of monkeys being spanked with double-enders may be a publicity problem LOL) but it 'implies' that you can!!! Plus the camera has such bad resolution, its an HD console, why, why, why include a low res cam!??! As a result your drawings often scan in badly anyway!!! Plus the stupid monkey thing does what it wants most of the time, good idea badly executed IMHO, even our little boy couldn't be bothered with his "pets" attitude problem.

Voted hot cos the price is good for anyone who can put up with the poor control, but be warned, its NOTHING like the publicity blurb!!

if the game is awful isn't this still hot for a cheap PS3 cam?

It doesn't come with the camera.


It doesn't come with the camera.

My bad!


I bought it. Nice game. Vote added

Bought this for my 10 year old for Christmas. She loved it on the day, played a bit and has not touched it for ages! She still says she loves it, but the queue for the ps3grows daily, what with blu-rays to watch, modern warfare, singstar (another xmas gift) etc!!!:whistling:

A good deal tho, as I paid around the £15 mark in December.

Your 10 year old girl plays Modern Warfare?


Your 10 year old girl plays Modern Warfare?

Since when did 1 person = a queue

Great game for kids, my nephew (5 years old) loves it, he's playing it right now. Response is surprisingly good, much much better than Eye of Judgment, which I always had issues with.

i hae tro agree with the above poster - my two girls (aged 5 & 3) got bored of this after 30 mins and its never been touched since. erm....it does come with a camera though unless there a solus version or something?

Singstar does however, seem to be taking over our lives.


Your 10 year old girl plays Modern Warfare?

Sorry, had to laugh!!! I did make it sound like that did nt I?? (Memo to self:proof read posts first) No, that is my teenage son and OH, the PS3 is a family unit, shared by all, except me!!!! (Well, the occasional Singstgar........but thats it!!):oops:

really dissappointed with this, my son hasnt touched it again since he got the £10 kung foo panda
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