EyeToy: Chat (PS2) works with PS3(60Gb) £2.88 Delivered @ Amazon.co.uk

EyeToy: Chat (PS2) works with PS3(60Gb) £2.88 Delivered @ Amazon.co.uk

Found 16th Oct 2009
EyeToy Chat is a domestic videophone application on your TV using the PS2, network adaptor / broadband connection and EyeToy camera. The FIRST of its kind
The software has been specifically designed to be totally user-friendly: Chat is aimed at people who may not be technically aware and find recording a TV programme on their VCR complicated!
EyeToy Chat is as simple to use as your mobile phone in fact, the user interface is very similar
You can call anyone, anywhere, anytime - provided they too have a PS2, EyeToy camera, network adaptor with broadband connection
You can still have access to and use your PC at the same time as using Chat
Talk on the move: with your password and address book data stored to your PS2 memory card, you can effectively free-roam with Chat. Think of a Hotmail email account: Chat can operate in the same way
EyeToy Chat is a product with no age restriction, but with full parental control and optional security features
Sound and video using EyeToy: Chat. The camera and built in microphone means you can see and hear your friends, and they can see and hear you
Free calls there is no call charging with EyeToy: Chat
Video mail you can record yourself (up to 30 seconds of video & audio) and send the recording to a friend
Chat rooms you can meet other users online in the chat rooms. There are text only chat rooms, with up to 256 users in them, and voice and text chat rooms with up to 16 users in them
Games you will be able to play other people at Naval War (Battleships), Chess and Checkers whilst videoconferencing with them


For those that are wondering, this does not come with the camera, this is just the software.

Look closely at the orange rectangle shape near the top right, it says "Eye Toy USB camera required"...


These usually sell for 99p new on ebay. So a bit cold, sorry.

Never heard of this, will have a look.

I already have the eye toy.

If you have a PS3 this is already built in, also i doubt if the servers are still up and running for this product now just a thought!

The first review on amazon sounds like it came directly from a Sony rep... They know sooo much about the product yet they've not even set the PS2 on their home network? FAIL!
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