Ez Vision Eyeware  (got great reviews) unique xmas gift (149.99) www.iwantoneofthose.com

Ez Vision Eyeware (got great reviews) unique xmas gift (149.99) www.iwantoneofthose.com

Found 13th Dec 2008
For those who like to surprise people with different gifts ,this looks amazing its basically a 50 inch cinema in a pair of glasses with great quality earphones .plug into i pods ,dvds ,games consoles ect.This site i noticed has lots of unusual gifts,ike the
i logical music hat (great for jogging reduced to 9.99)
Cyber clean -its a squidgy ball that gets in between the keys on you keyboard and kills all the germs ,works on anything like mobiles ect 7.99
Then theres super toys which are only for the extreme boys toys collectors-
Walk on water -basically you get your self into this giant ball and you can then walk across waer in it .
Roller ball -own your own zorbing ball .bit expensive though 999.99
Theres hundreds of gadgets ,toys geeky stuff there to look at one i want to get for my mum is the iQ box set ,comes sealed in a box with instructions ,takes roughly 2 hrs to do ,but unlike the online ones where you plead with your wife or friend to believe u r a genius ,even though u sat it 10 times ,this one has a pre paid envelope u send it back to for experts to mark ,they then send you your result on a certificate (either to show off ,or hide in a draw ) 19.99


I just want one of those coz its available!!!! But I can't afford it :-(

You can get it off Play.com for £129.99 - quidco 2!

I bought one on Wednesday for christmas - it's brilliant!

Also Firebox £149.99 with free delivery, 10% off and 15% quidco.

Cold, thanks to the info above

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cant seem to find it on play
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