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Free router check - F-Secure
Found 5th Nov 2018Found 5th Nov 2018
It's worth checking your router with this utility.

lol, same here :/


Just checked, everything tickety boo.


Well unless my house warps over to North America I'm going to have to assume this isn't working at all.


Does this work offline?


What kind of problems might this checker report?

F-Secure Freedome VPN Free Trial
Found 2nd Apr 2018Found 2nd Apr 2018
Why is this a deal ? Because you get 5 days free trial and if you enter code mxx9fcr this is extended by 9 days to 14. That's two weeks to test this VPN before you have to pay an… Read more

IPVanishVPN is the best out there


use windscribe myself, never had any issues and great speed for all, and great for torrents


I can't comment on the US Netflix issue, but I've used F_Secure VPN for two years and not had any problems with disconnects or speed issues. I'm very happy with it.


Spying software


Okay fair enough - I still don't get it though - you get to test this for 14 days to see how it works for you at no expense and without having to put any cash upfront. I give up if that's not a good deal for someone looking for a VPN. I will just let this die and not comment anymore on it. No worries.

F-Secure Freedome 2 mths free - Windows & OS X
Found 2nd Oct 2015Found 2nd Oct 2015
F-Secure Freedome 2 mths free - Windows & OS X
beta test the free new feature 'tracker mapper' on windows and OS X and get 60 extended licence. I think you get 14 days trial (if u haven't already) so add this after that =74 da… Read more

can't get this to work, i did have originally 3 years but i downgraded from win 10 to win 8 and lost my 3 years

3x 1-Year F-Secure Freedome VPN Service Subscription
Found 28th Sep 2015Found 28th Sep 2015
3x 1-Year F-Secure Freedome VPN Service Subscription
F-Secure offers 3x 1-Year F-Secure Freedome VPN Service Subscription Voucher Codes for Free when you sign-up using instructions below. Thanks Avinashkn Instructions: Register for … Read more
Get dealGet deal

My subscription has expired as well, and Freedome is no more on my computer; no great loss. I spent more time downloading and installing numerous updates than I ever did using the service.


I got a few free subs when the "offer" was on but they all got terminated yesterday.


i got 3 diffient codes and not a single one works all it says is the codes are incorrect


Welll that's just balls lol i had to reinstall my windows as i was on windows 10 and it sucked, tried to downgrade but some "essential" files were aparently missing so reinstalled windows 8 and ... my freedome is now 15 day trial lol and as they collect no personal information my 3 years of free VPN has gone


Is this offer still running? iWant

Free Anti-Theft Software for Symbian,Android or Windows Mobile Phones From F-Secure
Found 6th Jun 2010Found 6th Jun 2010
Free Anti-Theft Software for Symbian,Android or Windows Mobile Phones From F-Secure
Free Anti theft software for Symbian Windows Mobile Android With F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile you can Lock your phone remotely Locate your phone remotely Erase the confide… Read more

it works for me i just entered my 11 digs and 3 sec text bang from 16134


I have a really old phone - the download direct to my phone by text message does not work it keeps inserting +44 and then cuttting off my last 2 numbers (of my 11 digit number). I have tried droping the 0 leaving it in, dropping the +44 and leaving it in - it makes no difference it still drops my last two numbers. Maybe it thinks I have made a mistake because my last two numbers are 44!! Any ideas


Does anyone know if this works for the new T-Mobile Pulse Mini (Andriod 2.1)? The reason I ask is that although it says android, the manufacturer isn't actually listed on the website.


ooh woow i wish this was available for the blackberry


nice find...