F1 2011 - Gamestation's daily deal - xbox360/ps3 - £22.99

F1 2011 - Gamestation's daily deal - xbox360/ps3 - £22.99

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Found 2nd Dec 2011
Day two of Gamestation's advent calendar deals...

From hardcore F1 nuts through to L-plate-sporting novices, F1 2011's plethora of skill levels mean you'll find a racing grid perfectly suited to your driving skills!

Move over Hamilton! Hit the Armco barrier, Button! Because there's a new driver on the Grand Prix scene – you! The sequel to the BAFTA-winning original, F1 2011 offers even more realistic, thrilling and tyre-shredding action in this official companion to the world's most exciting racing event. All the drivers, all the tracks and all the action make this racing spectacular rev its way right to the top of the simulation scene.

Packed Pit! – multiplayer has gone mental in F1 2011, offering 16-player racing action, co-operative racing that sees two players working together to win the Driver and Constructor titles – and even a split-screen mode for sofa-loving Alonsos who prefer their racing up close and personal
Circuit Crazy – all the famous tracks are here including the Budh Internationl Circuit, the location of the first F1 grand prix ever to be held in India and, for the brave-hearted, the dreaded Nürburging circuit that strikes fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned racer. Diaper not included
Car & Driver – F1 2011's got the lot; from all the constructors through to all the stars. Race as Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and more – or create your very own track legend!
Devil in the Detail – day/night racing, driving rain, a mass of atmospheric effects; the world of F1 is brought to life thanks to the game's astonishing graphics engine. And hey, if everything should go crash-shaped, then say hello to the official F1 safety car, another first for this series!
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Didnt know this was on, thanks for the heads up.

What was yesterdays deal?

Didnt know this was on, thanks for the heads up.What was yesterdays deal?

Resistance 3 - £19.99
Is this instore too?
Original Poster
I just called my local store and this deal appears to be online only unfortunately. Also, the resistance deal has expired according to the advent calendar on their site but you can still get it for £19.99
Heat added for the price but I hate how they bring out these editions towards the end of the season.

Technically this is already out of date.

Wish they would bring out the 2012 edition in March when the season starts....but that would be just too difficult for them...gits
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