F1 2017 PC - £18.79 at CDKeys (£17.85 with FB code)

F1 2017 PC - £18.79 at CDKeys (£17.85 with FB code)

Posted 25th Dec 2017Edited by:"Stu.C"
Lowest price to date. Special edition version with DLC Mclaren MP4.
89% on Metacritic.

Picture shows Special Edition, but found after buying that the MP4 is not included. Still cheapest price for standard edition.
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Finally. How does one get the fb code?
batdroid16 m ago

Finally. How does one get the fb code?

Go to their facebook site and click on the 5% discount button on the left and give them a random email address. You need to be logged in on their website to apply the code.

Worth getting on PC or PS4? It's a game I mainly play when friends come over. How easy is it to connect dualshock controllers to make this feel like the PS4? Or is that not possible...

I have one Logitech wheel but I'd rather the friends use controllers as they don't like using mouse and keyboard, they're not PC gamers, also, for racing games mouse and keyboard isn't really great...
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Really hope ps4 version goes on sale soon , Argos have it at £32 but been out of stock for weeks!
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