Fab (strawberry) and Cornetto (all varieties) £1 @ Tesco

Fab (strawberry) and Cornetto (all varieties) £1 @ Tesco

Found 22nd Aug 2016Made hot 22nd Aug 2016
This deal ends Monday 12th September

Nestle Fab Strawberry Ice Lollies (6 x 58ml) Half Price was £2.00 now £1.00

Cornetto Classico / Mint / Strawberry Ice Cream Cones (4 x 90ml) was £2.00 now £1.00


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and Magnum 4 pk £1.50 deal ends today.

Mmmm nice, heat added

It's back again.. Thanks

The Cornettoes were only £1 at FarmFoods last week anyway... and looked like they were always £1. There wasn't any reduction to the £1 from what I could see.

I think Tesco's own brand ice cream cones are significantly better than these Cornettos - more flavours, larger (110ml) cones, non-sugary cone wafer (Cornetto's wafer is horrendously sweet) and 1 quid is their normal price for 4.
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