Fable 2 for 8.75 delivered @ Shopto
Fable 2 for 8.75 delivered @ Shopto

Fable 2 for 8.75 delivered @ Shopto

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Fable 2 for 8.75 delivered at shopto.net
Awesome game. Grab a copy if you don´t have it yet :-)


good deal for those who didn't scoop the GOTYE for 13 quid


Very hot from me. A great game

Don't forget 4% Quidco


good deal for those who didn't scoop the GOTYE for 13 quid

just got mine this morning along with 2 gears of wars goty editions £11.95

Such a great game. Hot.

This game is the easiest game I have ever played, no real challenge whatsoever, you cant even die. So why did I love it so much and spend hours and hours playing it?

Great stuff!


great just ordered for my son

Ooops accidentally expired this.

Got to be worth a try at that price!

Heat added

My GOTY edition arrived this morning for 12.97, which is a much better deal. Even if that isn't available, the GOTY is available elsewhere for £15, and that is still a better deal because you save the cost of buying the extra DLC separately (which would cost atleast another tenner).

So for a real comparison it is this deal, game by itself for 8.75, plus a tenner or so on MS point, or go for the GOTY edition for about £15 which includes the DLC.

extra DLC?


extra DLC?

downloadable content


extra DLC?

There are two bits of DLC (DownLoadable Content) - extra content for the game - that you have to pay for to get.

Knothole Island costs 800 MS, and See The Future costs 560 MS.

Assuming 2100 MS costs £17.50 (standard price), the 1360 MS for the DLC costs £11,33 - so my earlier guesstimate of a tenner was in fact a bit generous.

So this deal plus the DLC costs about £20, whereas the GOTY edition which comes with the DLC included in the price, can be found for around £15.

Thanks for the DLC info.

I have just purchased 2100 points from littlewoods for £5.41 (with quidco), so guess it's not to bad if I feel the need to get the extra DLC.


£14 at amazon for the GOTY edition, probably a better deal?

all gone...wished I'd ordered this morning when I saw it..ah well

i got it the other day for £14 at amazon (GOTY), brilliant game. first time i ever played the fable series properly get the first to see what it's like.
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