Fable 2 Pre-Owned Only £7.99 @ Gamestation

Fable 2 Pre-Owned Only £7.99 @ Gamestation

Found 6th Feb 2010Made hot 10th Feb 2010
Good game, pre-owned, 7.99

Great deal!

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bought this last week £6.88 from tesco entertainment (NEW)

Got one yesterday . And still had a free 48hour xbox live code. Not a mark on the disk. Just looked as new

Got this when first came out for £45.99 , got the game of the year edtion last month for £15.99 (new) off game station , if your going to get this get the goty edtion( includes all the dlc previously available only from xbox live market place), its worth the low price tag for such a good game, roll on late 2010 for fable 3.

£12.99 pre-owned on their website

Saw this earlier too in the Bedford branch. It's not a bad deal but I've seen better.

Also bought this for £7.99 from Smyths pre-owned in November!

Not a bad price for the game, though I'd be wary after reading this... whatwasithinking.co.uk/200…-s/

Nontheless, fun game, just hope Fable 3 will be better

I also got it for £6.88 new from Tesco the other week. With quidco and free delivery. Good deal though if Tesco isn't still doing Fable 2 at this price.

its approx £12.00 from amazon (market sellers) brand new.

Mumble, grumble. Want PC port, grumble mumble...

Sadly after about 10 hours my Fable 2 save file corrupted itself for no reason. Good game though and I'll give it another go at some point, keeping my fingers crossed.
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