Fable 3 Collectors Edition £34.99 at Play.com

Fable 3 Collectors Edition £34.99 at Play.com

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Cheapest this has been. Pretty good game as well.


Very good price, I paid about £43 only a couple of weeks ago and it was well worth that price!

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Great Price! Heat added Great find OP

v.good price for the collectors edtion!

HOT from me!

Hot! Tried to get this on pre order from Argos for a tenner more before release - they took the money but didn't bother to send it because they'd oversold the pre-orders - didn't tell me this either until I chased them!

Lovley, thanks

Fantastic - I need to get a copy of Fable 3 for a christmas present and it seems that the standard version is this price or higher so getting a collectors pack for the same money is great. Thanks!

Game is buggy as hell at the moment and almost unplayable at times. Crashed on me 3 times already and a friend of mine has been hit with a corrupted save file and lost all his progress forcing him to restart. Good price, but probably best to keep it sealed until they patch the hundereds of game breaking bugs the game was shipped with. Sorely disappointed with Lionhead's handling of this game.

want this, but not played Fable 2 yet and planning on doing so soon, do people think this collectors edition will drop even further? do want the collectors edition but like I said can wait

Great price for this edition heat added

Ive been holding out for this at this sort of price

Put this in my basket at £34.99 then went to checkout and it jumped back up to £49.99...Now seems to be £49.99 only....

Yeah, seems to have expired.


Yeah, seems to have expired.

That's a shame, ah well good for some while it lasted.

Still about £43 here (after using 10% walkers code). Obviously not as good as £35 but it is definitely still worth £43
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I ordered mine just before it expired but haven't recieved it...has anyone on here got theirs??
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