Fable III Collectors Edition (xbox 360) - £49.70 or £42.24 with 15% code (AND 8% TCB+QUIDCO!) @ tescoentertainment
Fable III Collectors Edition (xbox 360) - £49.70 or  £42.24 with 15% code (AND 8% TCB+QUIDCO!) @ tescoentertainment

Fable III Collectors Edition (xbox 360) - £49.70 or £42.24 with 15% code (AND 8% TCB+QUIDCO!) @ tescoentertainment

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Cheapest I can find and have pre-ordered this! Looks to be a great game.

No direct link because tesco entertainments site isn't working properly at the moment, but ive linked to search where you can select buy and continue otherwise.

"Fable III: Collectors Edition

Since its inception, the blockbuster "Fable" franchise has offered players the opportunity to choose their own destinies as a hero, villain or someone between, where the possibilities are limitless and the consequences can weigh heavily on the path to greatness.

In this new adventure, players will witness tyranny, poverty and injustice plague their land. They will see a people divided, and they will be compelled to stand up for change. They will also be forced to answer a question: What would you sacrifice to secure the crown of Albion? Will you uphold the values and principles that led to your ascension, or will you be corrupted by the station you've strived to acquire? Will you be a monarch of the people, or bring the entirety of Albion to the brink of collapse?

In the epic story of Fable III, the journey to rule the throne of Albion begins five decades after the events of the last chapter, and you play as the child of your hero from Fable II. As you rule your kingdom as king or queen, you will be called upon to make choices and sacrifices that will test your morality and can affect your entire kingdom. Themes of heroism, leadership and consequence are taken to a grand scale as you fight to unite a divided people.


* A new quest: Uncover the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and earn the legendary sword, Wolfsbane, deadly against wolves and balverines.
* Exclusive location: Unlock a new region, ideal for settling down with a family and discovering new treasures.
* “Fable III” playing cards: Created by Lionhead, these cards depict every type of character in “Fable III,” including Heroes, royals, rebels and villains from across Albion and beyond.
* Guild Seal Coin: The coin features a Good side (blue) and Evil side (red) to assist players in making critical decisions that will impact the fate of the world forever.
* A new dog breed: Renowned for its loyalty, the Boxer is a brave canine companion worthy of greatest Queens and Kings.
* One unique outfit: Unearth one male and female outfit from the mysterious, faraway land of Aurora, a new destination in your “Fable III” adventures."


Not a mind-blowing collectors edition, but the cheapest so far!

Heat added.

Thanks versy for the brilliant deal, your post has been featured on Dealspwn, the Hotukdeals gaming blog. Thank you for all the great deals!
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£42.24 is a great price. Thanks a lot for posting.

That's more than £10 cheaper than ShopTo :O

£42 is almost as cheap as I've managed to find the normal edition so I'm tempted to get this one heat added!

Pretty tempted...

Anyone know if you get the create a villager pre-order code with this?

anyone feel like telling me how to get the extra 8% off?

and it says delivery in 4-6 weeks- obviously it's not gonna be dispatched till then, but theres no gaurentee that it'll come within the first 2 weeks of release
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