Face The Facts: Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room / One Day In September / The US Vs John Lennon (3 discs) - £7.99 del. @ Play.com!
Face The Facts: Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room / One Day In September / The US Vs John Lennon (3 discs) - £7.99 del. @ Play.com!

Face The Facts: Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room / One Day In September / The US Vs John Lennon (3 discs) - £7.99 del. @ Play.com!

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A triple bill of intrigue awaits you in this collection of three cracking documentaries. Includes ENRON THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER and THE U.S. Vs. JOHN LENNON.

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (2005): This searing examination of the Enron accounting scandal reveals the psychology of greed and corporate corruption that facilitated the company's rise to power and also its fall.

When Enron went bankrupt in 2001, the principals walked away millionaires--but later faced legal proceedings and jail sentences. Meanwhile, many employees and investors were left with nothing, not even their retirement savings. Shedding light on the new economy of the 1990s when predictions and book-cooking flourished without actual profits, the film shows how it was not Enron alone but a network of bankers, traders, and accountants who turned a blind eye to the company's clearly suspicious numbers. CEO Ken Lay and top dogs Jeff Skilling and Andy Fastow give candid interviews that illustrate their skill at deflecting hard questions and egotistically boasting about the company's success. In one of the company's cold and calculated moves - which caused the California power outages, and lead to the ousting of governor Gray Davis - Enron employees are shown laughing at forest fires.

Unbelievable footage of employees reveals unbridled greed, lust for risk-taking, and guiltless cheating, all while thinking they could never be caught. Finally, a few brave whistle-blowers stepped forward, including Bethany McLean, author of the Enron novel upon which this film is based, who wrote an article in Fortune magazine calling the company's bluff.

A remarkable documentary which packages the events of the scandal into a cohesive story, this is one film not to miss!


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One Day In September (1999): 1972. The Munich Olympic Games. 121 nations. 7,123 competitors. Over a billion viewers and 8 Palestinian terrorists. For the first time in over 25 years, the truth is revealed.

One Day In September is the incredible, shocking story about the brutal massacre of Israeli athletes by a team of extremist Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics. Finally, the unbelievable truth is revealed: how eight terrorists easily snuck into the Olympic Village and took 11 innocent athletes hostage, the tension-filled negotiations that followed and the shocking conclusion at a German airport that stunned the world. Featuring the frightening perspective of the only surviving terrorist and revelatory facts about what really happened on that dark night.

Directed by Kevin MacDonald and narrated by Michael Douglas, One Day In September unfolds like a gripping thriller - except this unforgettable story is completely true...

The US Vs John Lennon (2006): Before Iraq, before the Bush Administration, before the Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, and Pearl Jam... there was John Lennon, the celebrated musical artist who used his fame and fortune to protest against the Vietnam War and advocate for world peace.

Filmmakers David Leaf and John Scheinfield trace Lennon's metamorphosis from loveable "mop-top" to anti-war activist to inspirational icon as they reveal the true story of how and why the U.S. tried to silence him.

Good find. Great documentaries. Hot!

Also there's the 5% RAC discount and Quidco.

I've not seen the last documentary but i'd buy it at that price for the first two- Enron one is brilliant particularly with everything coming out of the banking sector at the moment and One Day in September is the best made documentary i've ever seen, skip Munich and just watch this instead!

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The Lennon documentary is excellent

This is an awesome boxset
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