Face Towles: 75p (RRP £2.99)  -- Bath Towels £9.99 (RRP £39.99)

Face Towles: 75p (RRP £2.99) -- Bath Towels £9.99 (RRP £39.99)

Found 16th Oct 2008
These luxurious towels are made from 100% Egyptian combed cotton. At 600 grams per square metre they are highly absorbent, durable and have a supersoft feel.

The Chatsworth range brings that simplicity to a towel, nothing fancy, just a good towel with good quality. An attraction in itself.

Sizes (Approx):

- Face Cloth 30cm x 30cm

- Hand Towel 50cm x 90cm

- Bath Towel 70cm x 130cm

- Bath Sheet 100cm x 150cm

- Super Sheet 100cm x 180cm

These 100% Egyptian Cotton towels are machine washable at 40 degrees.

To complete the set why not take a look at the matching Bath Mat and Pedestal Mat?

The Chatsworth range is available in a range of colours select below to view the range:

100% Egyptian Cotton Towels

100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Mats

100% Egyptian Cotton Pedestal Mats

- Delivery is £6.95 - Quite alot, but if you can buy in bluk with a family or freinds, it works out quite cheap.


Ummm...75p for the face cloths

Im not in great need for face cloths right now

Original Poster


Ummm...75p for the face clothsIm not in great need for face cloths right … Ummm...75p for the face clothsIm not in great need for face cloths right now

You can never have enough face cloths Pete.
Maybe you can give one to a close family freind as a secret santa?


£6.95 for delivery. That's steep for one flannel.


Egyptian 'combed'........... blimey ive heard it all now!! haha


I think you should have included the delivery price too. This deal is only 'ok' if you buy in bulk and spread the cost or were going to spend over £150 to begin with.

They aren't just flannels, they are "Towles" apparently.

sounds exotic!

these take an eternity to dry after washing, no good if you don't use a tumble drier

egyptian combed, means they use a local of egyptian descent with a hair brush?

Credit Crunched - sorry its a no!!
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