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Posted 14 July 2022

Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling - White/Black £40 Free Collection / Selected Stores @ Argos

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Portal. Smart video calling with Alexa built in, and so much more. Portal's Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms to keep up with the action and Smart Sound enhances the voice of whoever's talking while minimising unwanted background noise, so connecting with loved ones feels like being in the same room, even when you're far apart. Portal can also display photos from Facebook, Instagram and your phone. And with Alexa built in, you can control your smart home, get the weather, set a timer and more, hands-free.

Smart Camera pans, zooms and widens automatically, so you can move and talk freely while always staying in frame. And Smart Sound enhances voices while minimising unwanted background noise.

Easily video call friends and family on smartphones or tablets using Messenger or WhatsApp. Add up to three people to a group call with WhatsApp, or seven with Messenger.

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    FB/Meta announced they’re winding down consumer sales and development of Portal, so these deals on Prime day and now are nothing more than ditching old stock. If you have a use for one now at these low prices fair enough, but I’d question the longevity and whether the software support into the future is going to be there.

    androidcentral.com/acc…ers (edited)
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    Kaspersky, tik tok, nicehash etc etc are one thing. But facebook is crossing the line, even by my low standerds!
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    I think this might be cancelled, but ordered for my elderly relative anyway. I wonder what platforms it can video and audio call on, seeing though it has Alexa. Thanks OP
    Only devices with certain apps/software it seems. So can’t call Google or Alexa smart devices

    “Note: Portal calls can only be received on Portal devices, on the Messenger app on mobile phones or tablets, on messenger.com or facebook.com, or on WhatsApp on mobile phones. Calling on messenger.com or facebook.com is only available using the browsers Chrome or Opera.”
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    Bought two, set them up via WhatsApp not FacePoo, also setup Alexa, Tidal, WebEx and Teams. These totally trounce the Alexa Shows I have at home, even respond to Alexa commands better, get all the same Smart Home Alexa integration with Ring, Arlo, Kasa, Hive, the 10" display is awesome and everyone has said so far, wow the video quality is excellent.
    Are these powered by battery as well or needs to be connected to mains all the time ..?
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    The 8" ones were on offer / price glitch (for around £35) a few years ago & I got one for my my elderly in laws / one for each of my daughters / & one for ourselves.

    They proved to be invaluable during lockdown - my inlaws still use their one regularly when video calling my youngest who is now at Uni.

    We found the image and audio to be much better than using phones & the camera zooming meant that more than 1 person in a location could be included in the chat.

    I'm tempted to swap our 8" ones for these slightly bigger 10" ones.

    For those who are reluctant to use facebook we got round this by creating a facebook page just for the portal - no personal details at all given to the facebook empire :-)

    Add in the fact you can use it for whatsapp calls, alexa and spotify I feel that for £40 this is a great deal!
    Agreed at £40 this is a steal paid £90 last year at the time when that was considered a deal so this is great. Agreed it's way better than using the phone. It just works.
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    Facebook is the devil
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    Bought one of these for my parents, it's been brilliant, especially through the pandemic but even now it's great to be able to video call them instead of the dog and bone. They are completely tech illiterate but even they are able to press the green button on the touchscreen to answer calls when it starts ringing.
    Someone asked if it can be hacked to be a digital photo frame? The screensaver is a digital photo frame, which my parents also love.
    I think it's a great piece of kit, but apparently Mark Zuckerberg is the devil incarnate so each to their own.
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    Facebook and Amazon milking you while you pay
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    Can these be hacked to just make them a digital photo frame.
    No, but you can use the Web Browser to show anything really.
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    Flop OS
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    Great deal
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    I have one of these, also purchased one for my parents, I second what the other poster said, very easy to use and a great way to keep in touch.
    Can show photos and keep updated with new photos added by you or selected friends on Facebook. At this price it's a steal.
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    I'm buying for a very elderly relative, that FB wont get much useful data on I hope!
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    Thanks op ordered (edited)
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    Same price for black on Amazon, if you still want it
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    can we watch youtube videos in this?
    Yes, using the built-in browser.
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    Anyone know if can display Amazon Prime Saved Photos on the screen saver instead of Facebok Photos?
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    Yes, the same. Amazon have the TV and portable version on sale for their cheapest prices too.
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    Ordered, Thanks op!!!
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    Anyone out there rooted them (is that the correct term?) and put Linux on them ?
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    seems like an OK price, but i imagine using an ipad ona stand wont be that much different
    For older people, the controls are much more user-friendly. The main difference is that the Portal camera can "follow" someone around a room if they shift in their seat or move to a different chair. Means you're not looking at someone's nose or elbow for the entire call
    If there are more people in the room they can join in too and have a group call as the camera goes wider automatically.
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    Can I use it to watch netflix? A 10 inch screen on a stand is kind of perfect if I can access Netflix/youtube on it.
    YouTube works on 10" in a browser but have not tried Netflix (edited)
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    shame its not the biggeer one.... 10inch is abit small
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    Any idea why Amazon prime video is not there on Facebook Portal whereas it is there on Facebook Portal Tv, anyone able to get Amazon Prime video on portal?