Fage Total Greek Yoghurt 500g - £2 in Sainsbury's £1.50 in Morrisons (normally £2.39)

Fage Total Greek Yoghurt 500g - £2 in Sainsbury's £1.50 in Morrisons (normally £2.39)

Found 4th Jan 2015
This won't be for everyone, but for those that do have this a lot (like me..brilliant with fajitas in place of sour cream, blitzed with frozen fruit for an ice-cream style dessert, mixed with grapes/fruit of your choice and eaten that way)
It's normally £2.39

If you're a student, worth looking in co-op, my local had the 500g 0% for £1.95 before the 10% discount (not quite as good but might save petrol)

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If you do vote cold, can you please post in the comments so that I can understand what I can do better/where the better deal is

This is the thickest lowest sugar and fat yogurt I have seen personally
Blending this with blueberries, banana and avocado. Maybe a handful of spinach, doesn't get healthier or tastier.
Hot from me!!
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heat from me, eat loads of full fat version of this as only 5g fat per 100g compared will most others be twice that amount.

Great deal. best 0%

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Thanks both, yeah I get through waaaay too much of this!

Heat for this. High protein too. Much nicer and thicker than cheaper Greek style yoghurt.

Love this great low fat alternative to cream if mixed with sweetener
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Mmm that's a good idea - love mixing it with peanut flour (discovered on Google) and chopped banana....YUM

Heat added! Thanks.
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