Fairy All In 1 Dishwasher Tablets 28 BOGOF £4.00 @Tesco Instore

Fairy All In 1 Dishwasher Tablets 28 BOGOF £4.00 @Tesco Instore

Found 9th Mar 2010
These are showing online BOGOF at £7.49 but my Tesco had an SEL for £4.00 BOGOF and they scanned at £4.00. They were the same price for both the lemon and original. I don't know if it's just my store or nationwide?


I bought some of these last week - they were still on the shelf labelled as £4.00 from a previous offer they had on last week but they had started this latest offer this week at £7.49 BOGOF and had the BOGOF sign on next to the £4.00 - at till it went through as £7.49 so I queried it and was told the label hadnt been taken down but they had to still honour the price at £4 and BOGOF.

Great deal if u can find them at this price.

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Wow lucky you:thumbsup: mine just scanned at £4.00

I'm off to Tesco after work, i'll see what I can find!

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I've only just realised how good a deal it is, I'm going to clear the shelves in my Tesco incase it's a mistake :whistling:

SEL was £7.49 at mine, but also BOGOF. Was looking for the £1.50 packs of 33 but they were £9.99 as well. Bah!
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