Fairy dishwasher tablets buy 1 get 2 free £9.99 at Nisa

Fairy dishwasher tablets buy 1 get 2 free £9.99 at Nisa

Found 10th Mar 2013
Yes I know it's extortionate at the usual price but 3 packets for £10 is pretty good.
Fairy All in One and clean and fresh varieties vary with 34-36 in each packet means you could get 108 tablets for £9.99 making it under 10p per tablet.
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I saw this on a flyer, it starts tomorrow according to the info. Hot though
get the finish ones B&M £4 for 42

job done, best ones on the market
Yea i got fairy platinum tablets from Tesco on a deal few weeks, there not very good- nice lemony smell after wash is finished but they don't clean very well... My finish powerball ones are much better
I just bought these. I don't have a dishwasher yet just seemed like a great deal. I might eat a couple and go in to Currys foaming at the mouth, if a vet doesn't shoot me with a tranquilizer dart I might end up getting a free dishwasher just so they can get rid of me. I love it when a plan comes together.
Maybe i have just been lucky, but due to a couple of great offers on hukd, i managed to get tabs for under 7p each (Finish quantum and Finish Powerball), 5.3p was last unit price!. Unfortunately, this has become my new reference point. Good deal, but better come along from time to time. And we think Finish tabs work better!
Why would they charge £10 to begin with?
Tesco value or their 'Daisy' ones work very well for 5p each, but this is a good offer for a brand.
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